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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-03-19
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Time: 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT

Call-In Info:  712-775-7035 (Access Code: 960009)

Homework:  White paper comments and Collaboration document spreadsheet clean-up

Moderator: Eben English

Primary notetaker: Julie Hardesty (Etherpad link:


Agenda with meeting notes:

  1. Review final documentation
    1. White paper:
      1. Action items from last time:
        1. Outstanding & New
          1. Review all sections and be prepared to address any open comments from the document (all reviewers)
            1. <mods:subject> could use a another set of eyes. DONE
              1. direct mapping examples need reviewed but they are done - Everyone

              2. might need more topical or name subject examples

          2. Mapping issues
            1. Eben contacted LC about MARC Relators (yay, Eben!) - both literals and URIs are allowed as value!

            2. helps us with direct mapping of name and place of publication

            3. opaque vs. modsrdf
              1. there will be application profile from MODS to BIBFRAME - modsrdf is going to be an extension only off of this for a few properties not covered by BF

              2. maybe change out modsrdf to opaque and then review when modsrdf extension is published
              3. is use of opaque indicating that predicate doesn't exist or is there something literally available at no, don't think any of these properties exist
                1. these predicates need to be requested still - do this with opaque or with Samvera Community Vocab Manager?
                2. not sure how many opaque predicates are in white paper now
                  1. Property: digitalOrigin, extent, accessionNumber, accessionNumberFormer, barcode, nameOrder, Class: archivalSeries, bibliographicSeries
                  2. MODSRDF Property: recordOrigin, shelfLocator
                  3. Samvera Vocab Manager isn't going to support Classes to start
                  4. might need to look again for those classes
                  5. didn't use BF for some reason - maybe it didn't allow literals? likely the reason
                  6. Julie will double-check all opaque and modsrdf properties and classes - no modsrdf or madsrdf properties or classes; some suggestions for opaque properties and classes
                    1. look into BF again for classes to see if literals are possible - DONE (no classes for series)
                    2. RDAU vocab - might also be something there - DONE (no classes at all)
                    3. BF - need to check RDF file since domain and range info on website might not actually reflect definition (recommendation but not necessarily required)
              4. Eben will switch out modsrdf predicates to opaque in white paper DONE
          3. Update namespaces table after mappings are all copied over (Emily)
            1. wait until opaque/modsrdf review complete since namespaces might be removed
          4. Document instances of prior polls and community feedback (e.g. identifiers) (all reviewers)
            1. title DONE
            2. extent ( ???) - DONE
            3. identifier
              1. Identifiers poll result:
            4. physical collection / digital collection / series ( - DONE
            5. physical location / holding info ( - DONE
            6. Eben will add links if available (even if it's just meeting notes discussing poll results) DONE
          5. Monitor potential to mint predicates through Samvera URI WG (all)
            1. There is now a form for submitting requests:
            2. already discussed in earlier agenda items
          6. Style-related issues
            1. Update TOC to remove links to examples
            2. headings for elements consistent
            3. remove 'curly' quotation marks
            4. formatting for RDAU predicates – canonical URI (rdau:P60057) or lexical URI (rdau:preferredCitation.en)?
              1. lexical URIs more readable, but they don't resolve
              2. use lexical value in examples but include note in optional paragraph if RDAU namespace is used for that MODS element - Eben will add these. DONE
            5. XML elements with long attribute value lists – spacing, indentation, etc.
              1. name - all of the different attributes included make text wrap and make it less readable

              2. Eben will look for style guide but we might just need to make sure we're consistent
          7. Review draft of email announcement and target reviewers/lists
            1. should we create a form like Governance group sent out to gather feedback?

            2. could also try commenting directly on white paper document?
            3. either way we need to archive a draft of white paper
            4. could offer both methods and include note at beginning to say leave comments about specific mappings in comments and leave general/overall comments in form
            5. could send out form with link to white paper so first thing people see is questions on form before approaching white paper
            6. need to include caveat that this is NOT AN ONTOLOGY but is just a recommended mapping - in email already but maybe not visible enough - Eben will update
            7. question about title of white paper - Samvera MODS to RDF Working Group: MODS to RDF Mapping Recommendations
              1. try this out in white paper and email and review at next meeting to see how it feels - Eben will update. DONE
            8. list of places to send - please add to this list - Final Documentation: Community Review
  2. Next meeting:
    1. Monday April  2

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