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  • MODS Name Individual Institution Usage And RDF Conversion
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This page is for an institution to upload a document that contains:

  • For the various titles of an object, what elements, subelements, and attributes do the institutions of this group deal with?
  • How do you use these elements / subelements / attributes?
  • Notes on anything special about an institutions use of these elements / subelements / attributes. (Unusual application logic, extremely complex combinations, potential weirdness in what data you put in it, etc).
  • What level of fidelity are you willing to live without / drop from how you currently represent this data?
  • An attempt by someone at that institution to map that element to RDF. Essentially: If they had to move that to RDF in Fedora 4 today, what would they chose to do with it?

Document Links (github, excel, word, PDF, etc)




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