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  • Hyrax v3.0 MAP Documentation Review Working Group Meeting 2020-08-13
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Connection Info:
9-10am EST
via Google Hangouts:

Notetaker: Nora E. 

Juliet Hardesty
Annamarie Klose
Emily Ping O'Brien
Anna Goslen
Nora Egloff


-Check in on Hyrax 3 development and release timeline and make any changes if needed to MAP
    *Locked "final" version of the Hyrax 3.0 MAP sheet lives here 
    *alternative_title blocker issue: has now been closed as a result of PR #4443, which reverts Title to being treated as a multiple value for the sake of not breaking the field for migration. 
    *confirmed that Nurax, running Hyrax 3.0.0.pre.rc2 does now have alternative title in the form (even though issue #4286 remains open)
    *updated MAP sheet to reflect Title as a multiple value field; moved alternative up to reflect ordering in the form and un-greyed it
    *bibliographic_citation remains grey-out with an asterisk in the sheet MAP because it has not yet been added to the form. 

-Determine whether it is appropriate to pull the trigger on a PR for Knowledge Base updates, based on development timeline
   *not yet, since 3 is still in pre-release

-Review Collection metadata FAQ page on the Knowledge Base
   *There are subtle differences between the Generic Work MAP and the Collection metadata.  To highlight this and make it more clear, we could add a note directing users to refer to the M3 spec/profile in order to see how these correlate, e.g. "The Hyrax MAP is for Generic Works, please refer to the M3 profiles (linked) for more information about Collections metadata." 

-Discuss Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification (M3) Working Group outputs within Hyrax MAP documentation
     *M3 outputs serve as a useful reference tool for conceptualizing metadata in the app for Works, Collections, and the Core metadata. It provides an alternative/supplement to the MAP sheet and should be included or at least pointed to with some contextualizing info within the Knowledge Base.  Bringing these up-to-date with Hyrax 3 and pointing to them in the documentation encourages further work on machine readable metadata and makes newcomers aware of these projects. 
    *Collection metadata profile is slightly different from that of Generic Work, and the M3 yaml files reflect this in a succinct way that is legible to developers. 
    *Data-driven Metadata PR #4026 from 11/2019 has been merged: integrates houndstooth work and enables metadata to be in the config file

-Next steps:
   *Julie will take a look at the Knowledge Base markdown file and review it to clarify language about Generic Work vs. Collection out-of-the-box metadata, and also to point to relevant M3 Working Group outputs. These M3 materials will probably not be hosted on the KB itself, due to the complexity of the Jekyll site, but rather will continue to live on the wiki.  To be reviewed by the WG as a group at next meeting. 
   *Annamarie will review M3 outputs and make updates to bring them into line with Hyrax 3.  She should be able to do this by mid-September, so at our next meeting this WG will take a look at these as a group. 

-Set next meeting time
    *the next meeting will be on Wednesday, 9/16 from 9-10am

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