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  • Hyrax QA Bookmarks
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  • Hyrax 3.0 QA Script for Distributed User testing
    • This Google Sheet is used to facilitated testing among Samvera community volunteers
    • Each Sheet corresponds to a section of the Hyrax user interface and contains a list of tasks
    • The QA lead is responsible for maintaining the tasks and acceptance criteria
  • Shared Hyrax Testing Instance
    • This instance of Hyrax is on a daily auto-deploy schedule
    • All commits that are merged into the master branch will be live on Nurax the following day
    • Nurax is hosted courtesy of DCE and managed by Bess Sadler ([at]bess on slack)
  • Hyrax Technical Documentation
    • A Jekyll website maintained by the Documentation WG
  • Samvera Slack Channels
    • #nurax – primary communication channel for all users of Nurax
    • #repo-managers – good way to get in touch with Hyrax users and potential testers
    • #uxinterestgroup – good way to get in touch with potential testers
    • #documentation – good way to contact folks who manage Hyrax technical documentation
  • Hyrax GitHub Repository
    • Where you report all issues, track pull requests, and keep current with community sprints
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