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Scope & Objectives

The Hyrax Maintenance Working Group is charged with supporting core maintenance and development for Hyrax in order to provide a stable base of support for the solution bundle. Work includes addressing bugs and other issues as they arise and reviewing pull requests to Hyrax. This working group is not meant to be a replacement for community-led development efforts and/or contributions, but rather, it is meant to augment such efforts and release community members who are not part of the working group from the responsibilities around maintenance of Hyrax. 

Membership for Core Team

1 product owner: refines backlog, prioritizes stories and creates milestones, consults with Hyrax Interest Group as needed.

4-5 Developers including: Hyrax technical lead, who would be responsible for delivering releases in a timely fashion; 1 developer with UX skills when needed. All will be responsible for communication with Components Maintenance WG as needed.

QA Specialist/Coordinator: brought in during release time to test or coordinate testing and document.

Deliverables & Timeframe

The Hyrax Maintenance Working Group responds to an ongoing need for core maintenance and development of Hyrax. It does not have pre-determined deliverables as such. The charter provisions for a 6 month continuation through December 2020, but will presumably continue indefinitely in 6 month renewals. This cadence allows for participants to make a tenable commitment.  Deliverables include: regular updates when requested at Samvera conferences, partner meetings, etc.; and creation of charters to renew the WG as necessary.

Sprints will continue on the schedule of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  This schedule is not adjusted around holidays and vacations to keep scheduling simple.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels


June 2020 - December 2020:






Julie Hardesty

Indiana University

Product Owner


As part of overall 0.2 FTE as product owner. JH begins role October 2020.

Tom Johnson

UC Santa Barbara

Technical Lead


As part of overall 0.5 FTE as tech lead

Jessica Hilt

UC San Diego

Projects Lead


QA Lead 


Brian KeeseIndiana University



Jeremy FriesenNotre Dame



I have confirmation that I can work 3 sprints on this and provide async consultation during the other sprints. I can also likely attend all sprint planning meetings, but not necessarily daily stand-ups. Depending on projects, I may have personal time I might commit.



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