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  • Hyrax Analytics Working Group Meeting - Tuesday June 20, 2017
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Meeting Details:

Tuesday June 20, 2017



  1. Note Taker:  Don Brower
  2. Review Use Case Document
  3. Steps for next week:
    1. Review Use Case Document
    2. Ask Questions
    3. Consider Prioritization

Reference Documents:

  1. Example of what we're trying to build at this stage: Use Cases for Display Sets in Hydra
  2. Example of what we're trying to arrive at: Requirements - Display Sets


  1. Reviewed Use Case Document
    1. Discussed and added requirements derived from each use case
    2. Use resource type or the work type for admin dashboard aggregation? Seems like both are desired.
    3. How is administrative reporting dashboard different from end-user reporting dashboard? Consensus was it should be unified into a role-based dashboard.
    4. Ellen Ramsey showed a preview of view and download counts in UvA's Libra frontend.
    5. Future agenda topic: aggregation methods for item statistics; clarify what a page view is, what a download is;
    6. See having as part of the documentation of the hyrax analytics, a discussion on the pros and cons of various analytic sources (e.g. Google Analytics, Pwick)
  2. For next time:
    1. Look through use case document again, especially the uncategorized section at the end. Add things to the document, bring up questions either on the wiki page or in slack.
    2. We will clean it up next week.

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