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  • Hyrax Analytics Working Group Meeting - Tuesday July 11, 2017
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Meeting Details:

Tuesday July 11, 2017 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time



  1. Note Taker: Ellen Ramsey
  2. Quick Review of Use Case Document
  3. Review of Prioritization Spreadsheet results
  4. Steps for next week

Reference Documents:

    1. Example of what we're trying to build at this stage: Use Cases for Display Sets in Hydra
    2. Example of what we're trying to arrive at: Requirements - Display Sets
    3. HAWG Prioritization Spreadsheet
    4. HAWG Landing and Charter Page
    5. HAWG Use Cases

Action Items:

    • What we mean by "documentation" in Use Case #7
    • Ask Hannah, Mike, Gary (Hybox) about visualization widgets. (steve van tuyl)
    • Use Case #6: add Generating a widget or gem of external analytics tool useful (e.g. Chartkick, D3 per Alberto Santiago Martinez)
    • Finalize a milestone 1 based on today's discussion by next week's call (steve van tuyl)
    • Start collecting milestone 2 & 3 items
    • Show page analytics example from UVA:


    • Story telling/public-facing visualizations more important than admin-facing, where accuracy/flexibility to export is most important 

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