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  • Hyrax Analytics Working Group - August 1, 2017

This wiki space is archived. The active wiki for the Samvera Community can be found here:

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Meeting Details:

Tuesday August 1, 2017 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time



  1. Note Taker: Nik
  2. Analytics Requirements Tables (DRAFT) - discuss milestones as they stand, anything look out of place?
    1. Steve added all of the requirements listed/ranked into milestones 1-3. Arbitrary number, but a good starting point. Content somewhat evenly distributed. First is critical (MVP), second not critical but important, third is feature enhancements.
    2. Anything out of place? REST endpoint, multi-tenancy have all fallen to #3. Does anyone need them higher?
      1. Almost to the point that we need community feedback to get a real answer.
    3. Prioritization of documentation items: best practices and guidance, how to integrate analytics with Hyrax. Understanding what you are getting with Google Analytics / Piwik.
      1. Screencaps, etc.
    4. Suggested workflow: go through table, adding descriptions, and port over relevant definitions / examples that arise to the definitions document.
  3. Definitions document - volunteers to work on
    1. Need to get information/description to share more broadly.
    2. Action item: everyone contribute descriptive information
    3. We can promote some of the definitions already contributed in comments
    4. PCDM definitions might make sense, since Hyrax is based on PCDM. Remain fairly technical, or should we try FRBR-type definitions in some places?
    5. Analytics - keep at file level, or fileset? Thumbnail-level might be extreme. Should clarify what we mean by view and download.
    6. Meeting used time to discuss definitions, live edits made.
    7. General note: we want to define based on desired functionality, so that we can plan development effort with that in mind.
  4. Documentation
    1. Need to reassign the start of this (purpose/scope), Leah has volunteered but will not have time for a week or so.
  5. Misc
    1. Traffic: need to figure out a way to filter out bots.
    2. Next week: deadline for working group, goal date to share with community.

Reference Documents:

    1. Example of what we're trying to build at this stage: Use Cases for Display Sets in Hydra
    2. Example of what we're trying to arrive at: Requirements - Display Sets
    3. HAWG Prioritization Spreadsheet
    4. HAWG Landing and Charter Page
    5. HAWG Use Cases
    6. HAWG Requirements Tables (DRAFT)

Action Items:

  1. Add more clarifying information to requirements tables in "Description" column (All).
  2. Continue definitions for terms that Don has identified (All).
  3. Define documentation purpose/scope and begin drafting (Steve will check with Leah and report back).


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