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The active wiki for the Samvera Community can be found here:

This wiki space is archived. The active wiki for the Samvera Community can be found here:

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Meeting Details:

Friday June 2 at 12pm Pacific


  • Hannah Frost, Stanford
  • Steve Van Tuyl, Oregon State
  • Hui Zhang, Oregon State
  • Leah Vanderjagt, University of Alberta
  • Weiwei Shi, University of Alberta
  • Nik Dragovic, Emory
  • Gabriela Montoya, UC San Diego


  1. Introductions
    1. Steve Van Tuyl & Hui Zhang (OSU) – want a reporting dashboard for pulling down stats on sets of works. Want to see widgets on reporting dashboard actually work. What kind of analytics do we want to see on a Work 
    2. Nik Dragovic (Emory) – want some native analytics capability on Hyrax. also involved in DLF analytics related working groups
    3. Hannah Frost (Stanford) – hybox has analytics high on their list of functionality to add to hyku (make it easier to configure than currently) and has some requirements articulated around analytics for their project. There are backlogged hyku issues available for reference and review
    4. Gabriela Montoya (UCSD) - have a requirement for statistical reporting (ARL and UCOP) and currently have issues that are related. Already capturing analytics using GA and server logs in local DAMS. Go on their own with Hyrax based app or wait for the community solution?
      1. Github tickets for Hyrax app:
    5. Leah Vanderjagt and Weiwei Shi (Alberta) - have had interest in improving stats reporting for item level, collections and for administrator for a while. We have had some discussion of using a gemified approach to analytics and have begun to write new user stories. Also, have specific initiatives in mind that are relevant:
      1. RAMP - 
      2. IRUS - UK service for collecting and cleaning log files. Many IR managers are interested in approaching stats compilation and reporting in a platform-agnostic way, but if the IRUS approach is useful it could be something that may be helpful across the Samvera community

  2. Resources:
    1. Requirements expressed for Hyku - for initial development, planned for 2017
    2. Some existing Hyrax tickets:
  3.  Interests (broadly)
    1. What analytics should be displayed in hyrax and where/how?
      1. Activity Summary
      2. Reporting Dashboard
      3. Item/Work/etc. Analytics
    2. How to standardize analytics across repositories?
    3. What sources of data should/could we be using?
      1. Google Analytics: 
      2. RAMP articles re: GA undercounting and logs as sources of data: 
        1. OBrien, Patrick, Kenning Arlitsch, Leila Sterman, Jeff Mixter, Jonathan Wheeler, and Susan Borda. "Undercounting File Downloads from Institutional Repositories." Journal of Library Administration 56.7 (2016): 854-874.
        2. Patrick OBrien, Kenning Arlitsch, Jeff Mixter, Jonathan Wheeler, Leila Belle Sterman, (2017) "RAMP – the Repository Analytics and Metrics Portal: A prototype web service that accurately counts item downloads from institutional repositories"Library Hi Tech, Vol. 35 Issue: 1, pp.144-158, doi: 10.1108/LHT-11-2016-0122
      3. Set recommendations for flexibility around data sources in hyrax
      4. Other...
    4. How to deal with analytics data migration?
      1. Documentation of process and explaining changes to users
      2. Can legacy analytics data be included in dashboard and reporting in hyrax?
    5. Analytics should be applicable to both IR content types and Digital Collections content types
  4. Discuss charter, process, scope, and deliverables
  5. Process
    1. Try to follow the Display Sets model
      1. Use Cases
      2. Functional Requirements
      3. Prioritization
      4. followed by design as a second phase
    2. Phase I - ~2 months or less
    3. Phase II - 
  6. Set meeting time


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