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This list contains terms with special meanings as used by the Hyrax Analytics Working Group

  • Item - at the generic level, an Item is any repository object or collection for which analytics are being collected.
  • Work - pcdm:Object that holds zero or more FileSets and zero or more Works.
  • Work Type - An object's classification as defined by metadata by repository administrators.
  • Resource Type - Selected by the user in the object's metadata (e.g. picked from a list in the metadata form).
  • FileSet - a lcdm:Object that contains a File and its derivatives.  When we talk about a File view the FileSet will likely be the item shown to the user.
  • File - A file is a bitstream with its own identity in the repository. 
  • View - A successful request for an HTML page displaying metadata for a collection, work, or a file.
    • Collections - a view on a collection homepage
    • Works - a view on the work showpage or view on the file showpage for all child files of this work
    • File - a view on the file showpage
  • Pageview - used interchangeably with View, though we prefer the term View.
  • Download - 
    • Work Download: The total number of downloads for child files of this work.
    • File Download: The number of times the file has been downloaded, either from the file showpage or as a direct download.
  • Administrator - A person with management responsibility for the repository. Usually a person with a "superuser" or "manager" role.
  • Collection - pcdm:Collection that indirectly contains zero or more Works and zero or more Collections.
  • Aggregation - Aggregated statistics represent the total number of single counts of views or downloads for child works or containers.
  • Depositor - Person who uploaded the item to the repository.
  • Investigation - a term used for reporting COUNTER statistics - equivalent to the sum of Downloads and Views
  • Request - a term used for reporting COUNTER statistics - equivalent to Download

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  1. Should we separate out the definition of download based on the type.  Aja the download of a FileSet is firmly straight forward, but what constitutes the download of a work?  Does the download of one or more item in the work count as a download of the work?

  2. I find the definitions of Work and File from Hydra:Works Github homepage:

    • Collection: a pcdm:Collection that indirectly contains zero or more Works and zero or more Collections
    • Work: a pcdm:Object that holds zero or more FileSets and zero or more Works
    • FileSet: a pcdm:Object that groups one or more related pcdm:Files, such as an original file (e.g., PDF document), its derivatives (e.g., a thumbnail), and extracted full-text

    But I do not know what an 'Item' mean in PCDM, probably it is a word borrowed from DSpace?

  3. Should access include downloads?

  4. Let's clean up these definitions too, using views throughout consistently. We agreed we won't use "access".