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  • HAWG Meeting - August 22, 2017
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Meeting Details:

Tuesday August 22, 2017 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time



  1. Note Taker: Ellen Ramsey
  2. Review and distribution of requirements table.
    Ready to move forward with getting feedback? Documentation expectations not yet ready. Definitions and requirements are ready to share. Work on documentation while we are waiting for feedback.
  3. Distribution plan:
    1. Write an introductory message (Steve, with WG reviewing)
      will ask community to leave in-line comments in the Wiki
    2. Distribute to:
      1. Sam-Tech
      2. Sam-Comm
      3. #analytics
      4. #repo-managers
  4. Next Steps
    1. outline for documentation expectations. wait for Hannah Frost and Leah.
    2. skip next week's meeting in favor of a time that works better for those invested in documentation
    3. Steve will draft and send message to community above.

Reference Documents:

    1. Example of what we're trying to build at this stage: Use Cases for Display Sets in Hydra
    2. Example of what we're trying to arrive at: Requirements - Display Sets
    3. HAWG Prioritization Spreadsheet
    4. HAWG Landing and Charter Page
    5. HAWG Use Cases
    6. HAWG Requirements Tables (DRAFT)

Action Items:


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