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  • HAWG Meeting - August 15, 2017

This wiki space is archived. The active wiki for the Samvera Community can be found here:

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Meeting Details:

Tuesday August 15, 2017 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time



  1. Note Taker: Hui
  2. Analytics Requirements Tables (DRAFT) - have a lot of questions that arose in the document - need to walk through these for clarification
    1. "Access" in the comment column: It means access to the collection, not aggregate of the views of works in that collection.
    2. There is an opinion that we should make the assumption more flexible, for example the access to collection could make sense in some cases when it is an aggregation of work views or can drill down to views/downloads by work. 
    3. The statistics should preserved at the most granular level: like at each file, work, and collection level (instead of merely aggregating).
    4. Don, Carolyn volunteer to work with Steve to finalize the Requirements by next meeting.
  3. Definitions document - volunteers to work on and clarify definitions
    1. It is in good shape.
    2. Fileset: should Analytics provide granularity at bitstream level (e.g., images with different resolutions)? The challenge is that fileset can be modeled differently by different users (e.g., libraries or archives) or single assumption of use case may not work.
    3. It is in the phase now to collect broader feedbacks from the community.
  4. Documentation
    1. Need a volunteer to start drafting documentation expectations (Leah)
  5. Design and UI Update
  6. Set deadline for Requirements, Definitions, and Documentation Expectations to be sent to Community for feedback
    1. Will decide in the next meeting, but the intended date will be by the end of August (in two weeks)!
    2. Mike Giarlo will participate the conversation to finalize the requirement tables after we get the community feedbacks.

  7. Reference Documents:
    1. Example of what we're trying to build at this stage: Use Cases for Display Sets in Hydra
    2. Example of what we're trying to arrive at: Requirements - Display Sets
    3. HAWG Prioritization Spreadsheet
    4. HAWG Landing and Charter Page
    5. HAWG Use Cases
    6. HAWG Requirements Tables (DRAFT)

Action Items:


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