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  • Follow-up email for January 2014 meeting
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Dear Hydra Connect 2014 Attendees:

First of all: a great big "thank you" to the team at UCSD and especially to you, all of our attendees, for making this first Hydra Connect meeting such a success. You've told us that the meeting went pretty well and we organizers have learned a lot from the experience. Next time will be even better! Next time? Based on reflection and feedback, we're moving future Hydra Connect meetings to the Fall.  Rather than letting the momentum fade by waiting until late 2015, we're already planning Hydra Connect #2 for October 2014, so set some budget aside to join us!


  • Survey. If you haven't yet, please take a few minutes to fill out our Post Conference Survey.  We'd be really grateful for your feedback.
  • Session Notes. You've probably already found them but, if not, notes from the conference sessions and slide packs from the lightning talks are linked from the Hydra wiki page at HydraConnect 2014.
  • Attendee List. We've published a delegate list at HydraConnect 2014 Attendee List in case you want to get in touch with other attendees that you met at the meeting.
  • hydra-users. Just a reminder that we have opened up a hydra-users mailing list for those of you who are not Hydra Partners.  You can join it at and the list address is

The hydra-users list is in addition to our established hydra-tech, hydra-partners, and hydra-announces lists (all  As we gather more and more Hydra users (as opposed to Partners) and potential users (people still exploring whether Hydra fits their needs) we intend that non-Partner-specific content will be posted on both hydra-users and hydra-partners lists so that both groups can engage in a common dialogue about shared concerns.  The launch of the -users list was triggered by people in the "Introduction to Hydra for Managers" workshop who are still "kicking the tires" on Hydra but wanted somewhere they could ask "managerial" questions and get answers.

Again, thank you so much for attending Hydra Connect and for your contributions to making it such a success.  We hope to see you at Connect #2 in the Fall.

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