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Watch this space for more information as we get closer to the date!


Monday November 16th - Wednesday November 18th, 2020. (

This is the Dev Congress held annually in concert with Samvera Connect. This year the dates are a bit after the conference itself, considering the conference days are a bit more spread out and the Connect planning committee was striving to avoid conflicts with other library and tech events.  We will meet as a full group for a kick-off, check-in, and wrap-up. Click to Download & Import Events to Calendar

  • Monday, November 16 - 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern for kick-off
  • Tuesday, November 17 - 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern for check-in
  • Wednesday, November 18 - 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern for wrap-up

The remainder of the time will be self-organized by selecting a Topic of interest and connecting with the Topic Facilitator.


To propose a topic or express interest in a topic, go to the Topic List Page.  There you will find...

  • a recommended checklist for information to include in the proposal
  • an example
  • the table of proposed topics

On that page you can...

  • add a topic to the table of topics
  • identify yourself as a facilitator for your topic or a topic proposed by others
  • indicate your interest in one or more topics

Signup to Participate

Add your name below if you plan to attend.  Note to contribute to the code base, you must have signed a CLA for contributor - CLA PDF

You can also propose topics and add your name to the Interested in column of the Proposed Topics on the Topic List page.


Communication will primarily be through:

See Communication section on the Co-development Technologies page for additional information.

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