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  • CMWG Meeting notes 2018-09-10
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Discussion items

  • Biggest challenges is meeting the goal for hiring staff -
  • Defining the roles and meeting expectations of what the people are going to do
    Document -

How are people going to report - ?

Is that contribution of hours going to be a way for people to lower their financial contributions?

Whether it's time or money - bigger institutions will have more of both - smaller institutions struggle with both - doesn't solve actual mathematical issue of cost

Open it up to Steering or the COmmunity?

Shortfall between what people say they want and what they'll pay for

issue of - always said "no money tied to partnership" - currently partners drop down to supporters?

Orgs with less resources - banded membership - valuable contribution of smaller schools giving back - would impact character and impact of Samvera

  • maybe banding is

Action items