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1 Disable vs. Plugin

Disable - The code remains in the app.  There is an option to set a flag that is checked in the code of the feature and disables the functionality if the flag is set to disable.

Plugin - The code is only included in the app if the feature is enabled.

It is simpler to disable.  Mark your preference for each feature based on the balance between simplicity and concerns about having unused code in the app (e.g. code bloat, breakage in unused code breaking the entire app, bleed over even though it is disabled.





Disable vs.
Plugin 1

Social/User Oriented Features2Comments
Simple model - Collection - Object - File     
Model adds concept of a Work      
Model adds ability to group files that are representations of the same file (Fileset)      

Characterization of uploaded files

Generation of Derivatives (served from the filesystem, not the repository)      
Virus Checking      
Text Extraction      

Customizable Models (basic metadata included, can extend in code)

Support for Multiple Model Types   *    
Model adds concept of an Administrative Set       
Routing for CRUD       
Multiple file upload         
Folder uploads (Chrome browser only)        
Upload to File Sets       
File Auditing       
Single-Use links       
Visibility Restrictions: Public, Private, Institution, Leases, and Embargoes       
Transcoding of audio and video files        
Faceted search and browse       
Background jobs       
Google Scholar-specific metadata embedding microdata, Open Graph meta tags, and Twitter cards for rich snippets


User-managed collections for grouping files


Responsive, fluid, Bootstrap 3-based UI

Drag-and-drop ordering of resources       
Virus detection for uploaded files       
Upload from Cloud Providers (via Browse Everything gem)    (tick)  Already optional (in its own gem)
Proxy Deposit    (error) (question) 
Transfer Ownership of Work    (error) (question) 
Fixity checking    (tick)   

Generation and validation of identifiers


Full-text indexing & searching

User Defined Sharing Permissions: Edit/Read Access for identified Users/Groups    (error) (question)There has also been a request for "Admin Defined Role Based Permissions:  Assign role Edit/Read Access for works"
Google Analytics integration for usage statistics    (tick)   
Administrative statistics interface    (question) (question) 
User Dashboard (analytics, notifications, proxy management)    (error) (tick) 
User Profiles    (error) (tick) 
Highlighted files on profile    (error) (tick) 
Featured Works & Researchers    (error) (tick) 
WYSIWYG UI Editing of Marketing Text, Announcement Text, Feature Research, Edit About Page    (error) (question)If people want this, it's easy to add. Group at Hydra Connect agreed here.
Forms for batch editing metadata    (tick)   
Contact Form    (tick)   
Activity Streams (which user did what)    (question) (tick) 
User notifications    (question) (question)We would like to see this integrated with workflow as a means of tracking provenance. (Lynette, Cornell)
Social media interaction    (tick) (tick) 
Integration with Zotero for automatic population of user content    √ **
(error) (question)This is off by default in Sufia.

Suggested values from controlled vocabularies provided by Questioning Authority


ResourceSync capability lists and resource lists


Customizable banner image


Geonames integration for location-oriented metadata fields


Citation formatting suggestions


* Scheduled for release in Sufia 7.x
** Zotero service hasn't turned on their half of the integration.  It is a work in progress.


1 Disable vs. Plugin:

(tick): interested in, or have already implemented in CC apps

(error): do not want

(question): may want, may have different needs/opinions about this


2 Social/User Oriented Features:

(tick): Definitely Social/User Oriented

(question): Perhaps Social/User Oriented




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