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Workshop at Hydra Connect 2016: title here



We understand that you have volunteered (or maybe you've been volunteered!) to give a workshop with a title along the lines of " xxxxxxxx " on Monday 3rd October, the first day of Hydra Connect 2016 in Boston. The Program Committee are looking favourably at this suggestion but before making a final decision would like a little more information, please.



It would be very helpful if you would email and:

(a) confirm, as soon as possible, that you would be willing to deliver this workshop and identify any co-presenters

(b) by the end of the month (but preferably sooner!) let me have a "proper" title and a brief synopsis of the workshop content and an indication as to who this workshop will most suit (beginner/intermediate/advanced, manager/dev/metadata/devop/sysop, or "all") - this for the wiki program page

(c) let us know how long you'd ideally want for the workshop (1 or 2 hours, half day (=3 hours), full day (=6 hours))

(d) indicate any limits or requirements you may have at this stage (eg "no more than 30 people", "participants will require a laptop loaded with xxx")

Our experience is that many people like to see the list of workshops before they book for Connect and so the Program Committee would like to get Monday's program tied down as soon as possible.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you need clarification about anything.



Richard Green (admin to the Program Committee)


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