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  • August 28th, 2014
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Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025#



  • Tom Cramer
  • Rick Johnson
  • Linda Newman
  • Adam Wead
  • Richard Green
  • Mark Bussey (Hydra Camp)
  • Chris Awre (on leave)
  • Patrick Feeley
  • Ginnie Dressler


  1. Chair: Rick Johnson
    Note taker: Richard Green
  2. Additions/changes to agenda
  3. Minutes of the last meeting  August 21st, 2014
  4. Logistics reports
    1. Booking.
    2. Attendee Limit (go beyond 150?), limit per institution?
      Maintain cap at 150 + stragglers (currently we have 158) 
      In view of size of conference and number of NPAs need a social team to encourage mixing Action: TBD
    3. Essential logistics page at  Essential logistics facts
    4. Overnight car parking alternatives being investigated (go with hotel parking)
    5. Status of t-shirt supplies investigated (OK)
      Stanford need size/gender information as soon as we have a good feel for it Action Mark (attendance list)/Richard August 30
    6. Need to reorganize main wiki page to emphasize program and links for fill-in pages Action: Richard  (tick)
  5. Program milestones and progress
    1. Review of response from assigned speaker/panelists
      Rick will contact Karen C about her involvement in the workshop Action: Rick  (tick)
      Richard will change name of Hydramata-Works workshop throughout Action: Richard    (warning) Checking details with Justin and Jeremy
    2. Assigning rooms and cap on attendance of different sessions
    3. Low Response rate for Thursday lightning talks  Suggestions for Thursday Lightning talks
      1. Mention in partner and committer calls?
        Send out another lightning talk email on 9/4 Action: Richard
        Comb our existing lists for items that should be lightning talks Action: Linda  (tick)
    4. Lightning talks for Wednesday morning    Weds lightning talksAction: all (Target Date: Sept 15?)
    5. Review call to developers for developer topics (also low, just nail this down?)
    6. Finalize program?
    7. Call for unconference topics and presentations and lightning talks (target dates?)
      1. landing page for this Action: Linda  (tick)
      2. Move must cover topics to unconference list (Action: TBD, Target Date: Sept. 4 (tick)
      3. Call for more unconference topics (Target Date: Sept. 11)
    • Draft Program Outline Created (Target Date: August 7th August 14th, Distribute by Aug. 11th Aug 15th)
      • Share important thoughts by email on or before Tuesday 12th (Action: all)
      • August 14th call to finalise content of the draft program to be published on 15th
      • Get High Level Tracks Set
        • Define Categories of Talks and Activities: WS = workshop, PL = plenary, LT = lightning talk, PR = presentation (say 20 mins), WG = Work group (Friday), PS = Poster, SOC = Social Events
        • Define various audiences: NPA = New and prospective adopters, MGR = established managers, DEV = established developers, DEVOPS = Developer Operations, OTH = other'
        • Set high level schedule and match to audience
          • Transfer all items below to  Connect 2 Planning matrix

            Day Track Audience
            Mon Specific working groups (eg Fedora committers)
            SOC: Sign up dinner groups especially to welcome newcomers 
            Tues WS; SOC: Beer Bus, Other NPA, DEV, MGR? All
            Wed Plenary (PR, LT, PS)
            SOC: Conference dinner
            Thurs 1/2 day Continue Plenary; 1/2 day Unconference Separate Tracks; End Plenary SOC: Unconference Style All DEV/MGR/NPA/DEVOPS All
            Fri Workgroups, Current Projects, Specialized Topics MGR/DEV/DEVOPS
      • Define Plenary and Invited Topics
        • Last look on Brainstorming page at  Subject matter brainstorming
          • Please add any further items to list before next call  (Action: all)
        • Draft email to community asking what we should definitely cover in Connect #2; response deadline before next call 
        • Determine place for community to add topics (create public accessible wiki page) 
        • Review  Must Cover Topics for Hydra Connect 2
        • Integrate community supplied topics into organizer list
        • Need item about Hydra's technical direction; Robin has firm views, Richard will ask specifically what she would like to include in the discussion 
        • Richard to add high level program planning page to wiki.  It can now be found here  Connect 2 Planning matrix
        • Identify primary themes for plenary (derive from  Objectives and Targets for Hydra Connect)
        • Committee will group brainstormed topics into categories for similar topics and tracks
        • Review Themes listed on:  Connect 2 Planning matrix (old) 
        • Identify and reach out to invited speakers
          • Reach out to Plenary topic speakers (Action: Rick)
          • Reach to Manager topic speakers (Action: Linda)
          • Reach out to Dev topic speakers (Action: Adam)
          • Follow up Mark Bussey about Intro to Rails and Dive into Hydra Timing Content, Prequisites (Action: Adam)
          • Hydra and Blacklight UX workshop length (Action: TBD) (Identified as 90 minutes by Chris Awre)
        • Confirmation of all invited speakers (Target Date: August 22nd)
          Check current status! 
      • Need to start developing a program page for the wiki ( HC2014 Schedule v1.4.pdf) (See planning matrix)
      • Schedule and create separate tracks
        • Define Separate Tracks in  Connect 2 Planning matrix
          • Maintain 60/40 split between conference/unconference on Wed and Thurs
        • Each category of attendee needs to get a coherent program within their track. Linda (managers), Adam (devs), Rick (NPAs) will attempt to map the suggested topics onto the tracks prior to our 7/31 call (Action: Linda, Adam, Rick)
        • Break NPA and MGR workshops into NPA DEV, NPA MGR, and MGR tracks (Action: Linda)
          • Provide specifically for devops only during workshops and working groups?
        • Match audience to track(s) and number of tracks at different times defined
        • Need to establish criteria for content, program and tracks.  Tom has created a page at  Objectives and Targets for Hydra Connect . Please comment, add to, etc. (Action: all)
        • Richard to try and get the nice program master template used in January from Mark  (Action: Richard)
        • Fill out unconference track seed topics (link to them from planning matrix)
        • Workshops
        • Need Separate Track Specific Topics (regular conference time on Thursday)
          • NPA (Action: Rick)
          • DEV (Action: Adam)
          • MGR (Action: Linda)
          • DEVOPS (Action: TBD)
          • Posters: (Action: Tom)
          • List of "must cover" topics should be reviewed (Action: all)
          • Rick will look at aspects of flow and transition through the program (Action: Rick)
        • Fill out Working Group Topics (Action: All)
      • Request and Gather feedback on draft program (2-3 weeks, August 11 15 - 29)
    • Lightning Talks and presentations
      • Send request to community for general interest and track specific talks (Target Date?)  (tick)
      • We need a target date for finalizing this list (Target Date: September 15th?)
    • Unconference scheduling execution (during conference)
      • Need to review prior process
      • Make any adjustments based on feedback and/or larger number of attendees
      • Use software to vote and then do scheduling with smaller group
    • Workshops
    • Posters
      • Ideally posters for printing need to go to Patrick no later than 22nd September (off the record, we can accept them up to the last minute).
      • Email about posters on or by 29th August Action: Richard
      • Invite "must include" poster topics (Action: Tom)
      • Need poster registration page.  Seed with names of institutions attending:  Action: Richard  (tick)    (warning)The list makes interesting reading
    • Seed Unconference topics (Target Date: September 15)
      • Move uncovered must cover topics to unconference list
      • Create landing page (ACTION: TBD)  (tick)
      • Put out call to community (Target Date: August 23rd)
      • 2nd call closer to event (Target Date: August 30th)
      • Gather up until 2 weeks before Event (Target Date: September 15)
    • Finalize Rooms for Program (Target Date: August 15th? 30th?)
      • Estimate Attendee Count for per track and/or session
      • Match scheduled sessions (plenary, workshops, LT, etc) to rooms and accommodations
      • Have variety of rooms available for unconference portion to assign as appropriate
    • Program Finalized (Target Date: August 15th for workshops, August 29 main program )
      • Call out to developers for other development topics (ACTION: Adam)
      • Dependency for funding for some? Travel plans?
    • Emails to go (see  Email to attendees ):
      • August 11th:  two weeks only to get discount hotel rates etc 
      • August 15th:  less than two weeks to get hotel rate (to incorporate daft program)
      • August 20th:  one week only to get discount hotel rate
      • 2nd September:  Email to signed-up attendees - requirements/tracks/workshop attendance/workgroup attendance/posters etc Action: Richard
        Google form under development at: 
        Please check urgently: Action: all 
        Accessible page of program details to go with this Action: Richard 
        Reminder about posters (September 8th) Action: Richard 
    • Send Survey to community after event on program and overall success of event
  6. AOB
  7. Next meeting Thursday 21 August usual timeslot
    Please highlight on the draft agenda items that must be resolved in the call (Action: all) 
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