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Peter Binkley
Mark Bussey (Conference host)
Matt Critchlow
Karen Estlund
Erin Fahy
Richard Green (Admin assistant)
Anna Headley


Schedule (for info)

  • w/b 1st June: Web page and booking announced
  • (8-11 June: Open Repositories 2015)
  • 1 July:  Outline schedule announced following call on 30 June
  • w/b 3rd August:  Detailed program announced
  • 21-24 September:  HC2015



  1. Housekeeping
    1. Facilitator and notetaker for this call
    2. Additional agenda items?

  2. Organizational matters just for info:
    1. Bookings
      1. Sold out
    2. Hotel arrangements
      1. Discounted hotel blocks sold out.
    3. Social events 
      1. Poster reception
      2. Conference dinner
      3. Other...
    4. Emails
    5. Public page  here
    6. Room availability for reference: HC2015 Conference Rooms.xlsx
    7. FYI - Last year's post conference survey results  (See 5f)

  3. Report back on outstanding to-do's
    1. All speakers contacted to check for any special requirements
    2. IG/WG reporters contacted for slides
  4. Program outline
    1. Resources list on parent page

  5. Specific "to-do's" coming up
    1.  Email (RG – Tuesday 9/8) to all attendees about: (tick)
      1. Reminder of poster deadline
      2. Reminder of workshop sign up
      3. Reminder of lightning sign up
      4. Reminder of Sessionizer populate and sign up
    2. Emails (MB – asap) to workshop organisers and Fedora w/sop attendees
      1. Attendance lists
      2. How to get to Fedora workshop
    3. Sign-up lists (local hosts asap) for social dinners Monday and Wednesday followed by notification email including
      1. request about special dietary requirements
      2. exact details of where to go/register on attendee’s first day (esp Fedora w/shop folks)
    4. Do we need chairs for the parallel sessions? If so…
    5. Do we need an on-line conference program so that we can add rooms etc? Or…?
    6. Local logistics
      1. Name badges
      2. Attendance list w email addresses where permitted
      3. Display boards for non-local posters
      4. Power strips
      5. Warn local catering to expect a big hit Tuesday – Thursday
      6. Need to ensure everyone understands the logistics for the poster session (time sharing etc)

      7. Need to ensure that breakout sessions have note-takers as well as facilitators

      8. Make sure those at registration direct folks to where they need to be next (several adverse comments last year)

      9. Need to organize the spotlight on newcomers sessions

      10. Volunteers for registration table?

  6. AOB

  7. Next calls 15th September 8.00am PT, 11.00am ET, 4.00pm UK
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