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Peter Binkley
Mark Bussey (Conference host)
Matt Critchlow
Karen Estlund
Erin Fahy
Richard Green (Admin assistant)
Anna Headley




  1. Preliminaries
    1. Welcome and introductions
    2. Scribe and/or facilitator (does anyone else want to do it?)
    3. Additional agenda items?
  2. Program committee brief
    1. What is included - what is someone else's problem?
      1. Liaison with local hosts (Mark)
      2. Liaison with Steering Group (Mark and Richard)
      3. Richard - Responsibility of this group is to fill in program, put program together, slot talks and sessions into rooms
    2. Guidance - see  Organizing Samvera Connect meetings
      1. Richard - We should look at the existing information and use as reference, as well as populate our findings/experience following Connect 3
    3. The purpose of Connect meetings
      1. Richard - Partner meetings were not scaling, the ad hoc nature wasn't working. Messaging and progress were not being communicated back to the community in a consistent manner. Connect meetings are about sharing with community, making contacts, 
      2. Mark - Distributed nature of community is excellent, but this face to face experience is critical. Breakout sessions and workout sessions help to move larger ideas forward, and allow for phone discussions later.
    4. Available meeting spaces - see  HC2015 Conference Rooms.xlsx 
      1. Peter - Implication of Tuesday room booking, is that it needs to be all plenary.
      2. Mark - The 2 great rooms are giant classroom spaces with dividing walls. Cutover time needed to adjust room configuration, this will likely happen over lunch so we can transition into poster session.
    5. Catering for different attendee needs
      1. Richard - Last year, a determined effort was made during first 2 days to provide something for everyone. Everyone = newcomers, tire kickers, vets, managers, sysops, etc.
      2. Mark - Decision criteria for this group was diversity. Feel free to advocate for what you think is important through your lens.
      3. Anna - Is this a tracked conference with talks/presentations? How will groups be catered to?
        1. Richard - Likely a bit of both. Some split track discussions, sessions, and breakout groups.
        2. Mark - In the past, we've tried to keep things managerially focused in the same room. Limit the room treasure hunting between sessions.
        3. Richard - Plenary sessions should be as broadly interesting as possible across groups.
    6. Outline draft schedule - see  HC2015 Draft program
      1. Richard - Times are not cast in stone, but a starting point based on past experience for a grid.
      2. Mark - We may need to be out at 4:30 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. All agreed this will be fine.
    7. Soliciting and agreeing content
      1. Steering have suggested a broad theme "Hydra in Production" which would tie in DevOps, service management, good software development etc
        1. Richard - This was not an instruction, but a recommendation.
      2. Committee's own ideas
      3. Draft email at  Draft call for program suggestions
        1. Karen - Clarify 24/7 on the email.
        2. Mark/Karen - Lightning can more more spontaneous, longer format can be more curated.
        3. Anna - 20 minutes can be too long, should be justified.
        4. Peter/Richard - Asking for proposed time, but not necessarily agreeing on the suggestion.
        5. Richard - Will change feedback date to Monday, June 15th.
      4. HC2015 suggestions for the program
        1. 24/7 = no more than 24 slides in 7 minutes.
        2. Richard - This is a gathering ideas page. Take what comes in and shape it.
    8. Commissioning content
  3. Timeframes
    1. Web page and opening booking (no later than 5th June)
      1. Richard/Mark - This deadline is not as relevant for this group, primarily for Mark, Richard and Steering.
    2. Outline program
      1. Richard - When to make this public? People like/need to see an agenda before booking.
      2. Richard - Capped at 200.
      3. Karen - End of June, July 1? Some recruiting should be happening at OR.
      4. Anna - What do we mean by draft schedule?
        1. Mark - In past, bullet points of topics that will be covered. Gives people something concrete to justify attending the meeting.
        2. Richard - "Include in the program will be  ...".
    3. Detailed program with confirmed speakers/facilitators
      1. Mark - Early August?
      2. All - First week of August
      3. Peter - Distribute topics early? 
        1. Mark - The concern in the past is that this feels leading to people. 
    4. HC2015  21-24 September
  4. Future calls
    1. Agree a "regular" slot
      1. Richard - Propose another call next week prior to OR. Next Tuesday, same time, same channel? All - agreed.
    2. Date/time of next meeting
      1. Tuesday, June 2nd - 8am PDT (Richard will propose calendar invite)
  5. To do prior to next meeting (All)
    1. All - What do you want to see?
    2. Karen - Look at waffle board:
    3. Richard
      1. How to work with Hydra Working Groups?
      2. Look back at last year's program.
    4. Erin - Track ideas on Collated program suggestions page? Richard: Yes, or fuzzy ideas can be on next agenda page.
    5. Richard - Will put up a draft agenda in next day or two.
  6. Upcoming Dates
    • June 15 - deadline for feedback on topics
    • July 1 - outline program distributed
    • Early August - Detailed program distributed



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