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  • 23 June 2015

This wiki space is archived. The active wiki for the Samvera Community can be found here:

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Peter Binkley
Mark Bussey (Conference host)
Matt Critchlow
Karen Estlund
Erin Fahy
Richard Green (Admin assistant)  (probable apologies)
Anna Headley


Schedule (for info)

  • w/b 1st June: Web page and booking announced - DONE -  Hydra Connect 2015
  • (8-11 June: Open Repositories 2015) - DONE
  • 1 July:  Outline schedule announced following call on 30 June
  • w/b 3rd August:  Detailed program announced
  • 21-24 September:  HC2015



  1. Housekeeping & Reference
    1. Facilitator and notetaker for this call - 
      1. Facilitator: Anna
      2. Notetaker: Mark
    2. Additional agenda items?
    3. 16 June 2015 
    4. Conference room availability for reference: HC2015 Conference Rooms.xlsx
    5. Last year's post conference survey results

  2. Review currently posted Program info: Hydra Connect 2015 - Program Details
    1. Is it still all accurate?
    2. How much more do people need for planning purposes?
    3. What are our top priorities between now and next call?
      1. Blank schedule template here:
      2. 8 plenary presentations Wednesday morning + Thursday morning
      3. Mark/Richard to solicit 5 minute "lightning" updates from IG & WGs
  3. Structure of conference 
    1. Theme? No theme? Mold the theme to the offerings?
    2.  Any or all of...
      1. Workshops
      2. Conference welcome (by?)
      3. Plenaries
      4. New Hydranaut introductions
      5. Interest Group and Working Group reports (inc. Steering?)
      6. Breakouts
      7. Poster session
      8. Unconference sessions
      9. Interest and Working group meetings
      10. Other working sessions
      11. Other?
    3. 2014 program for reference is here

  4. Community ideas for content - page at HC2015 suggestions for the program
    1. audience question - 2014 broke out topics by audience also on a new / established vector. was this successful? Would we want to replicate?
    2. 2015 Github -
    3. Waffle board -
    4. - Here is how it works: Login at (you have to allow it to edit your repos). Once you are logged in you can point it directly at an issue with a URL like View vote totals or click to vote. The way it votes is by just leaving a comment that says simply '+1'; if you do that manually it will also count your vote.
    5. 2015 program - template here if useful
    6. Agree how to generate an outline program before 6/30 (Quality over quantity (wink) ) 
    7. Are there program items that require clarification before a decision can be made about them?

  5. Specific "to-do's" before next call
    1. Confirm Plenary Presenters
      1. Mark B. - Welcome to Hydra Connect - CONFIRMED: Mark Bussey
      2. Erin F. - State of the HydraSphere - TENTATIVE: Tom Cramer
      3. Erin F. - Hydra-in-a-box - TBD: ask Tom Cramer
      4. Mark B. - Sufia+PCDM Roadmap - TBD: ask Mike G. / Jon S. etc.
      5. Richard G. - Intereste & Working Group lightning report outs - TBD: ask leads listed on wiki
      6. Mark B. - Solution Bundles - TBD: ask Richard, Chris, and Robin who would be a good candidate to lead/facilitate
      7. Mark B. - Service Management - TBD: ask Hannah Frost, Karen Estlund, Patricia Hswe, Carolyn Caizzi (longer form from IG update)
      8. Mark B. - Security, Accessibility, Change Management - TENTATIVE: Linda Newman (presenter or panel facilitator)
    2. Miscellaneous
      1. Mark B. - Ask Tom Johnson to identify potential funding institutions for RDF workshop presenter
      2. Mark B. - Explore alternate scheduling options for full day code retreat workshop
  6. Plan next email(s) - when to send out
    1. Poster session (Last year's text here)
      1. FYI: No local printing facilities this year

  7. AOB

  8. Next call 30 June 8.00am PT, 11.00am ET, 4.00pm UK




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