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  • 2020-10-16 - Planning a Dev Congress November 2020
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October 16 Meeting, 3pm Eastern

This is a 15-minute check-in to follow-up on action items and address anything that comes up.

Attendees: Anna, Trey, Lynette, Adam


Review action items from previous meeting:

  • Jeremy will keep on top of getting an announcement into Plenary (carried over)
  • Lynette will add a link to the planning committee page under "communication" on the home page with some sort of like "contact any one of us with questions"
  • Lynette: add instructions to our home page for how to register for wiki and/or sign up for this event if they're not registered (carried over / in progress)
  • Anna will schedule 15 minute check-ins every 2 weeks until the event.
  • Anna will email the final announcement to samvera-tech / samvera-community / partners on October 1st. Also drop a @channel announcement on #dev channel mentioning that it went out.

New Agenda Items

Communication schedule:

  1. October 1st: This is happening! Are you joining us? Propose a topic! Contact information: join the slack channel, communication section of our home page.
  2. Announcement at Partners (added by Jeremy Friesen )
  3. Announcement at Connect
  4. November 9th: One week before "This is still going to happen!"
  5. Send the link an hour before start to #developer-congress, post to #dev that it's about to start.

How to facilitate organized note taking for the joint meetings, individual groups, and plus/delta retrospective.  One possibility:

  • Joint Meetings - create a note page for each joint meeting as a child of Home and link to it from each date in the Dates section of the Home page
  • Topics - each group can create a page as a child of the Topic List page or as a Google Doc and link to it from the group's topic in the topic list

Do we have any things we want to add to the topics list? 


Action items:

  • Add the wiki signup blurb to the sign up list area
  • (Anna) Add Notes pages for the 3 full-group meetings, link them from the home page (and link to them from the agenda outlines)
  • Jeremy will keep on top of getting an announcement into Plenary (carried over)

Agenda Items for next time:

Next meeting will be day after Connect ends.

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