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  • 2020-07-24 - Planning a Dev Congress November 2020
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July 24 Meeting, 3:00-4:00 PM Eastern



  • Review from last meeting
    • Action Items:
    • Schedule & Format
    • Preparation
      • What should ask ask of attendees in advance?

  • Schedule next meeting


  • Virtual Connect Zoom tips (see below)
    • Zoom Regular appears to match better
    • Captains could share URLs to their Zoom meeting
    • (Action Item) Lynette Rayle Add quick policy on wiki regarding what to do if Zoom bomb
      • Host shuts it down immediately
      • Everyone rally to the Samvera #developer_congress channel
  • Reviewed Room Captain Template
  • Ways to Gather Topics
    • We will create a Wiki page with team proposals (and a link to the project board)
      • This wiki page would have a bulleted list to the room captain template
      • There is a one proposal to many issues relationship
    • Trey Pendragon will create a project board for Dev Congress
    • Kait Sewell will create a wiki page for topic list (e.g. the landing page of all topics)
    • Trey Pendragon will be bringing example boards for our next review
  • Walk through of Wiki Build Out
    • Tabs
      • Home, Logistics, Development - for the Developer Congress
      • Planning Group, Planning Meetings, Planning Documents - for the preparation
    • Anna Headley may have a script for the 2019 dev congress, she'll try to dig that up
    • We plan to have a verbal introduction to the proposal on day one (Kait Sewell please add guidance to the Room Captain Template)
    • Lynette Rayle will find links to documents regarding Shared Development Environments
    • Jeremy Friesen find out time slots for Samvera Conference and align our time
      • From July 30, 2020 : 8am PST to 11am PST are the times of Samvera Connect
    • Anna Headley Schedule next meeting for August 7th; need to discuss the day

Feedback from David Schober on Zoom hints/tips for conferences

Zoom Regular

(limit 300 people Northwestern)

- manual acceptance of each person

- can screen share

- Record meeting?


Zoom webinars

- enhanced registration

- Needs a request (from Northwestern) at least

- everyone comes in silent


- Each room leader should host their own zoom meeting

- Get a protocol for Zoom bombing (immediately shut it down)

- Use a password

- Follow university guideline(s) for Zoom

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