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  • 2020-02-18 Meeting notes
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Discussion items


roadmaps from IGs and WGsJen

Metadata Interest group is working with controlled vocabulary – we asked the institutions to fill out the surveys but we did not ask the IGs or WGs to see what are they working towards.

  • retool the survey and send it to IGs and WGs co-chairs 
  • send  survey to Samvera Community as a whole to see what response we get – with subject line specific to IG and WG 

Review action items from previous meetings

Valkyrie Roadmap

Action items

Roadmap Council Unfinished Tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
Katherine Lynch2020-03-17 Meeting notes
  • Nabeela Jaffer will create document for review with a summary of the work we have done to share at Partners
Nabeela Jaffer2020-03-17 Meeting notes
  • Connect with Component Maintenance Group and find out a) if they are active, b) if someone else is willing to join (in Mark's place) Mark Bussey
Mark Bussey2020-04-14 Meeting Notes
Jennifer Young2020-02-18 Meeting notes
  • Timebox our milestones and deliverables more consistently
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda
  • Answer the question: Are roadmaps aligned?
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda
  • Conduct a review or survey of existing artifacts and knowledge (related to roadmaps)
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda
  • Define where the group has agency or levels of agency
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda
  • Create a working, concrete definition of "Roadmap"
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda
  • Brainstorm tools to support more direct discussion of roadmaps
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda
  • Populate a backlog of action items and goals for the group
2019-11-26 Meeting Notes and Agenda