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  • 2019-08-28 Meeting notes
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Discussion items

Avalon UpdateAvalon POs, Tech Lead
  1. Avalon 7 - will not be based on Hyrax; pausing on development of avalon-bundle; resume avalon-bundle after Avalon 7.
  2. Persona -
  3. Avalon on Hyrax - that is avalon-bundle; paused, but will be resumed after Avalon 7 is released.
 Hyrax UpdateHyrax Tech Lead

Hyrax 3 close to being done. Some work to be done for Rails 5.2. If IU has cycles to check out v3 and see how it works with our current work.

Wings development very active. At Connect, the goal is to be able to tell others how to use Wings.

Need to define how many Valkyrie adapters to support. Then write the adapters to get people moving to Valkyrie.

Other updates of interestGroup
  1. PO search - any new info?
  2.  (Tom) - would we be interested to do another week-long sprint similar to the one we had in January? If the work is compelling, we could be interested.

Action items