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  • 2019-06-26
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steve van tuyl

Michael J. Giarlo 

Tom Johnson

David Schober

Jon Cameron

Ryan Steans

With Hyrax WG - Facilitator role - goad Jessica into being more active in that group
Jessica has been more or less a SCRUM master
Level of engagement from JH has waxed and waned (as have we all)
See if she can't help fill gap that Steve has been filling
Tom would like to see better organization of WG, last 6 months less predictable, first six months more predeictable
Tom can provide technical guidance and when organized sprints occur - act as a technical resource

Valkyrie work has a path forward - Oregon digital did contract with Notch8 to do the batch round-tripping
Outstanding IMLS proposal to do analytics work from Oregon digital.
What falls away is permissions work - Avalon crew is looking at what needs to happen.
Suggest to this group that the community cannot find someone who can be PO (time issues)
-what would next best thing be? Allocated 50% time is the ask.

Timeline for product owner gets dragged out while we try to figre it out?
Permissions example - item by item and scoping

roadmapping by committee
resource seeking by committee less viable

What is the interface for how we do that?
State that they are not stepping on autonomy of Hyrax WG - periodically make it known to steering and partners that this is not a permanent fix

As we move toward Fall - someone will need to talk Hyrax at Connect - PO/ PM face at Connect
Connect is a risk - if there are new members in the community and there isn't clear leadership

Ask from Steering - any way they could drum up interest in taking the role, if Steering could help boost the ask

If we don't hear anything soon - will pick up phone and talk to Steering and Partners

Permissions at Avalon - quantify our needs, have some answers on that soon - may pay a vendor to implement what we need

At Connect - have a conversation about "what is going on in community, what has last couple of years shown us re: what the community will do to support and pay for development"

Doing relationship management with heavy hitters to make sure they're happy -
- continue to evolve model of how PO works with Community
- some old players have phased out and there's some up and coming players who seem to be stepping up a little more

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