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  • 2018-04-03 Meeting Agenda and Notes

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 11:00 AM EST at

Facilitator: Andrew Myers

Notetaker: Ryan Steans


Agenda / Notes:

  1. Roll call (please log in above)
  2. Report on Report at Partners
  3. Review project board:
    1. Reporting on items completed since last meeting
    2. Review status of in-process tickets
    3. Discuss ready items & groom backlog
      1. Any new items needed?
        1. Request from partners meeting: update wiki to point to
      2. What should be moved to ready?
  4. Other agenda:
    1. Remove blank pages?
    2. Investigate a real search solution?
      1. How's Google indexing us?
  5. Pick facilitator / notetaker for next time
    1. Notetaker is responsible to copy template agenda into a new agenda for next meeting and add any followup items immediately.


  1. Bess's Report at Partners -
    1. Not enough awareness of what we're doing
    2. Getting started page  - AI:  Add a link to the front page for "Getting Started" page.  From ""  Knowledgebase link - no link at "where do I start?" for devs  
    3. AI:  Cull dead links from page. 
    4. Dev Partners:  little bit of a shoutout - Drew plugged documentation during Roadmapping exercise.  Justin Coyne was leading roadmap.
  2. Think there's support for funding for more documentation work.  
    1. Tech writer can pick up this work pretty easily.  
    2. Keep contact open
    3. State of current work: she's done with the last item
    4. Took her about 4 hours - give her a rough estimate or range - then 1-2 rounds of revision
    5. She sent in an invoice, and it was sent along (somewhere between $40 and $60.  Total of $250 for last work.)
    6. If we want to turn these into blogposts - we can tell her ahead of time.  In specific coding terms - might be better.  
      1. Most blogs Drew reads are "How To".  Not broad conversations.  An Interview might be wider in scope.
      2. Blogs require overhead - separate this from the How To?  Jekyll includes free blog framework.  We create pages in Jekyll, but it has blog.
    7. Where to post the Interview - if no one has bandwidth to edit - "This is an interview"  Example:  "Interview:".  
    8. Chris Colvard may be a good resource for finishing up the article
  3. Discussion re: project board items
    1. 3 things in the progress column
    2. Something that will dovetail with the interview - meeting to discuss identify and model workflows.  Rec' best practice (Jeremy) do all workflow modeling before coding.  Sitting down for an hour with Jeremy from ND as how to do that in Hyrax.  Treat it as an interview - could have a second interview "How To".  Could be a blog post.
    3. 189 - not done yet 
    4. Lynette has other ticket
    5. PR's - 4 outstanding
      1. Shared understanding documentation is for all of Samvera, not Hyrax.  Official name change to Samvera.
      2. 2 more open PRs that don't merge - 
        1. #166 - add some version front matter.  
        2. #142 - amending documentation (WiP) - 
  4. Other discussion
    1. Do some real sprints around Docs
      1. there's commitment from Partners on work and there's a Components Council driving work
      2. Before concentrated sprint - get structure better defined
    2. Using a search service like ElasticSearch
      1. how effective is our SEO?  What is the likelihood of our content being discovered? 
      2. LaRita did a search, first two hits were DuraSpace and 3rd was GitHub.  Hook into Google indexing?  Maybe use the Google Search.  That would push index to Google.  Or use keywords.  
      3. Prioritizing - Search is not highest priority?  Or should we fix it immediately?  Maybe push this up in priority.  A-Z index of keywords would be more useful.  
    3. Put up some directed work
      1. set aside time - maybe do it with someone else, we'll commit to do it instead of pushing it off
      2. Maybe ask this question on a regular basis
      3. Expected carve out for actual work on these tickets?  Drew:  probably 1/2 a day to docs without pushing anything else off.  LaRita:  Similar - but would need to prioritize.  Bess:  Hard to predict.  
      4. Can we set up a standard working time?  A group working time?  A call to the community - a serious commitment - a good way to get people involved.  
      5. Prioritize backlog - gravity around people's demands and what they want to see - make developers aware of their responsibilities.  Everyone wants that documentation.
  5. Facilitator & Notetaker for next meeting
    1. Facilitator:  Drew
    2. Notetaker:  Ryan

Action items 

  •  Add a link to the front page for "Getting Started" page.  From ""  Knowledgebase link - no link at "where do I start?" for devs
  •  Cull dead links from page. 
  • Verify the Writer got paid (Jen)
  • Decide on "Interviews as How To v Blogs"
  • Post Interview As Is - post sooner than later (maybe get clarification from Colvard)
  • Drew wrap up #166
  • Remove blank pages - create ticket for each one - blank pages were placeholders for content
  • Schedule a time  -  Call to join for documentation work (2 hour block, every two weeks) - LaRita, Drew and Ryan