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  • 2018-01-26 Avalon Hyrax Pals
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  1. Steve Van Tuyl

  2. Jessica Hilt

  3. Chris Colvard

  4. (No) Mike Giarlo

  5. (No) David Schober

  6. Maria Whitaker

  7. Jon Cameron

  8. Carolyn Caizzi?  


Introductions as necessary

Discuss Hyrax Roadmap

Original Doc:

SIGAHR page:

Discuss Avalon 7 Face-to-Face



Community Sprints recruiting

Bulk import and export issues - can we work on that to benefit everybody?

Work on smaller things and then pull in for one large bit of group work

Requirements gather part of the process

  • Call to some sort of shared space?  Avalon knows how they do it, but it may be different elsewhere on other Samveras.

  • A one-size fits all is possible

Steve wants a plan in place for that work by end of February - to get going

Avalon 7 work is in February and maybe community work in April

Some things Av will do quickly -


Drop in our IIIF player to consume those manifests

Worktype - technical metadata fields that aren’t stored on original file - Video is missing stuff like aspect ratio, not user input - characterization stuff

Haven’t planned out much past that - do COmmunity Sprint a few months out so people can schedule out

AV focus on core contributions

Analytics right now

Bulk - April/ May/ June?  Maybe?

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