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  • 2017-02-14 Associated Admin Sets, Definitions, and Mockups
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Date:  Tues, 02-14-2017  at  8pt/11et

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  • Review concept behind associated admin sets
  • Define Admin Sets, Display Sets, and User Collections
  • Review Requirement Comparison chart for Admin Sets vs. Display Sets vs. User Collections
  • Review List of required mockups for Display Sets



Associated Admin Sets

Associating a Display Set with an Admin Set is optional.

When would you NOT need this association?

  • You do not want to create works directly in a Display Set.  All works will already exist before adding to a Display Set.
  • You do not create any Admin Sets, such that all works are in the default Admin Set
  • You do not want to use any workflow beyond the default workflow.
  • You do not need any Admin Policy Objects (APOs) for controlling visibility of works

Why would you want to do this association?

  • You want to create works directly in a Display Set AND...
    • You would like to have one or more custom workflows
    • You want to have one or more APOs


  • Prep:  Configure the association between a Display Set and an Admin Set
  • When creating a work directly from a Display Set...
    • the relationship to the Display Set is automatically set
    • the relationship to the associated Admin Set is automatically set
    • the workflow and APO for the Admin Set is applied to the new work
  • When adding an existing work to a Display Set
    • this has no impact on the membership of this work in an admin set

Branding Issue

Want the ability to custom brand Display Sets. 

Minimal Set of branding customization:

  • logo - possibly multiple logos for joint ventures
  • public landing page vs. show page for display set management
  • description
    • basic html that can include links
  • how browse, search, facet from the Display Set landing page


Proposal to replace User Collections with expanded Display Sets

There was a proposal by Linda Newman that Display Sets subsume the User Collection code base.  This will effectively replace User Collections with the expanded functionality provided by Display Sets.  This requires a broader conversation with the community.


  • How are User Collections being used?
  • Can Display Sets fill that need?
  • Would this require that any user can create a Display Set?
    • Would any user be able to make a Display Set public?  (NOTE: User Collections do currently have visibility controls by default in Sufia.  I'm not sure if you can disable the ability of users to set visibility for their user collections.) <Comment from  Linda Newman: Would the ability to affect visibility controls for a Display Set be controlled by the Admin Set? <Comment from  Linda Newman - see also my comment at bottom of this page:  Requirements - Admin Sets vs. Display Sets vs. User Collections>

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