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  • 2017-01-17 Initial Meeting of Display Sets WG
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  • We reviewed requirements and specifications (
  • For now, we are going to focus on top-down membership of Display Sets, since there is a greater need for this.  Leaving circular nesting for some other time.  But we'll allow the flexibility for a site to specify if they need circular nesting.
  • Allow cites to configure if Display Sets can have just resources, or resources and other Display Sets.
  • For browse, do we need a default Display Set.  We'll leave this decision to be made during implementation phase.
  • Discussed a metadata field for a resource to identify the Display set for which it is a member,  We may need some use cases to get clarity on this.
  • By end of February, this document will most likely be completed on schedule.  Lynette will contact UI group to start mockups, which could mean that by the end of March the UI team could be completed with their work, and in April development can start.
  • The issue on pivoting, was not completely clear. We need more information on this.
  • Adding Custome Metadata will not be part of the 1st pass.  We'll let it go for now.  This will require a substantial implementation effort.
  • When this document is sent out, it would be good to ask for use cases, and check if the community has different priorities than the ones identified here.
  • Leah expressed that at UofA they have a big concern over using Admin Sets because of performance issues.  Leah or a developer at UofA will bring this up to the hydra-tech group on slack for discussion.  At UofA they are hoping that Display Set meets the needs that Admin sets serve, without the performance costs.
  • Touched on the possibility of having a Display Set created from within an Admin set.  This could potentially give Admin Sets the ability to inherent admin policy and workflow functionality from the Admin Set.  The issue of performance was brought up as a concern if this is done.  We want to make sure that is not the case.


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