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  • 2016-08-25 HC2016 Host Committee
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  • Eben has sent an inquiry to the BPL Events staff to see if we can get a better rate than FedEx through BPL's printing vendor. No word yet.
  • Purchasing the backing for 24x36 posters is well within our budget if this needs to happen.
  • Richard is sending out the call for posters later this week; will indicate that 24x36 is the preferred size, host committee will provide some affordable printing options for that size, institutions can print larger sizes but will be on their own paying for it, etc.


  • The conference hotel block is sold out for Monday and Tuesday night.
  • Steven is trying to get more rooms added to the block, but the prices quoted by Sheraton are not great.
  • Steven has updated the wiki, directing people to book rooms at the Charlesmark Hotel for the moment until more rooms at the Sheraton have been made available.

Room captains

  • Steven will create a sign-up page for room captains.
  • Shifts will be for the morning or afternoon sessions "block" rather than individual sessions.


  • Some additional volunteer shifts will be needed at the registration desk on Tuesday morning.
  • Other volunteer duties to be determined, may include assisting with audio recording?


  • Questions about payments should be directed to Emily Tokarczyk at the BPL.
  • Checks will need to be made to the BPL rather than Hydra.

Audio recording

  • We may need some additional equipment.
  • Steven will compile a list of required equipment.
  • Patrick may be able to borrow equipment from Northeastern.

Boston info for wiki

  • Karen is working on this, planning to add more content in the next few days.

Next meeting

  • September 8, 2016 at 11 AM EDT


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