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  • 2016-08-11 HC2016 Host Committee
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  • Poster printing at nearby FedEx
    FedEx was not willing to give us a discount. Information about printing posters (where to send orders, prices, file requirements) should be put on the public wiki. Patrick Yott will look into prices. mike korcynski will bring the stand-alone poster easels from Tufts. They do not have to be removed the same day. 

  • Deadlines for registration (ie. hotel rate valid until 9/6 and need to have tshirt order in by 9/12)
    Added to pending e-mail which will go out immediately following our call.  RG.
    After discussion, it was decided that the tshirt order will also have to be placed by 9/6 in order to allow enough time for production and shipping. The question of ordering extra for late registrants arose, but those who register after the deadline just may not get a shirt.
  • Activities to do in Boston (and other blank sections on the wiki page)/ Informational flyer formatting 
    BPL staff are compiling a list of nearby lunch options, which will also be available as a handout. Patrick Yott volunteered to do the same for Northeastern. Karen Cariani had volunteered to compile the list of things to see and do and may work on a dinner restaurant list. There may also be a dinner sign-up sheet. 

  • A/V and streaming issues
    BPL staff will test a/v equipment the first week of September. mike korcynski already has a YouTube account set up for Hydra Partner calls and will add Steven Anderson to it so we can stream sessions.

  • Staffing and room issues
    BPL would like a Hydra point person. BPL staff will be at the registration desk and can answer all directional questions but won't know about the program. The Program Committee will nominate a point person but if all else fails Richard Green has volunteered. 
    The Host Committee will start collecting the names of volunteers to be room monitors, etc., soon.
    The Program Committee is putting together a Google form for people to sign up for workshops. There is some concern that if registration approaches 300, with a potential 75% workshop attendance rate, the workshops could be too large. Another room has been reserved at Northeastern if needed, but as of now everything but the all-day Fedora workshop is scheduled at the BPL.

  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, August 25, at 11 a.m. 

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