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  • 2016-08-09 Program Committee
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  1.  Welcome

  2. Next call:  15 August 2016 - 08:30 west coast, 11:30 east coast, 16:30 UK

  3. Additions/changes to agenda

  4. Updates
    1. Sessionizer
      Ideally needed by the end of Augusty so that folks can start populating it before the event. 
    2. Rooming
    3. Scholarships 
      Four awarded and accepted 
    4. Booking
      1. 113 at 13:00 UK..
      2. Do we know how hotel bookings are progressing?
        Hotel block at ~45%.  80% needed to avoid penalty 
    5. Program. 
      1. Is there a coffee break pm?
        Coffee etc budgeted for breakfast and one other break.  Need to decide morning or afternoon - morning may be better.
  5. Vertical threads: Managers, Devs, Metadata, Sysops, Newbies, All.
    1. Outline timetable grids now at
    2. What are we going to provide by way of
      1. Workshops
        1. Status check
        2. Continuity and repeat sessions - see Mark Bussey's email forwarded to the list by Richard on 7/18
          1. Should we repeat some Monday material on Wednesday or Thursday?

      2. Plenaries
        1. Need to decide what goes here and get speakers
          1. Need to discuss IG/WG lightning talks (but maybe not this call)
        2. Steering are expecting an email about how best to deal with their hoped-for input
          Sent - awaiting reply
        3. Mexico talk agreed - description awaited
          Now received
      3. Parallel presentations (and panels)
        1. Need to get a draft timetable for these today if poss
          Still awaiting a number of responses to queries.  Deferred to next week.
          Parallels and some panels transferred to blocks; timeslots not rigidly assigned yet   
      4. Timetabled breakouts (mainly transferred panels)
        1. Need to formally timetable these for Wednesday pm?
          Allocated to blocks; timeslots not rigidly assigned yet 
      5. Lightning talks in the parallel tracks
        Assigned - but should these all be held in the big theatre where they can be streamed?  Decision next call.
        Don't forget last year's attendees suggested more time for these in 2016
        Probably need to run the plenary into the afternoon before the poster session starts in order to accomodate some plenary lightnings.  Decision next call. 
      6. Posters
        1. Need to get, and publicize, information about poster printing asap
          These details will come.  In the meantime it is safe to advertise that local printing via FedEx will be available. 
      7. Unconference
      8. WG/IGs
        Unconference (Sessionizer) slots at the start of Thursday morning to be followed by WG/IG meetings  the rest of the day.  Unused space will be "advertised" and bookable for ad hoc/BOF meetings.

    3. Waffle Board here
    4. Any other business?
      Richard will put out a general email about the "exciting" new structure to the days, the fact that there will be local printing, and encouraging people to book soon.
      Hope to finalise Wednesday sessions next call. Jocelyn to check that all relevant proposals from the Waffle Board have been transferred.
      Richard will populate program grid with names so that potential horizonal clashes (people needed in two places at once) can be avoided.
      Karen's apologies for next call. 
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