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  • 2016-08-02 Program Committee
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  • Steven Anderson (Boston Public Library; Host Committee liaison) apologies
  • Eben English (Boston Public Library; Host Committee liaison) 
  • Karen Estlund (Penn State) apologies
  • Erin Fahy (Stanford)
  • Richard Green (Hull; Steering Group liaison and admin)
  • Sheila Rabun (Oregon)
  • Jocelyn Triplett (Virginia)
  • Jim Tuttle (Duke)

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  1.  Welcome

  2. Next call:  09 August 2016 - 08:30 west coast, 11:30 east coast, 16:30 UK

  3. Additions/changes to agenda

  4. Updates
    1. Sessionizer
    2. Rooming
    3. Scholarships 
    4. Booking
      1. 92 at 10:00 UK..
      2. Do we know how hotel bookings are progressing?
    5. Program. 
  5. Vertical threads: Managers, Devs, Metadata, Sysops, Newbies, All.
    1. Outline timetable grids now at
    2. What are we going to provide by way of
      1. Workshops - this is the most urgent of the group
        1. Workshop timetable
          Status - published.  Now need sign-up form
          ...but have we enough?
          If we get 300 people at the conference across five workshop tracks that averages at 60 per workshop.  The rooms will take them but would the presenters?!? 
        2. Orientation sessions
          Status:  in hand (Mark and Richard)
        3. Continuity and repeat sessions - see Mark Bussey's email forwarded to the list by Richard on 7/18
          1. Should we repeat some Monday material on Wednesday or Thursday?
            Possibly - need to discuss this in a later call 
      2. Plenaries
        1. Need to decide what goes here and get speakers
        2. Steering are expecting an email about how best to deal with their hoped-for input
          Richard will draft 
        3. Mexico talk agreed - description awaited
      3. Parallel presentations (and panels)
        1. Need to get a draft timetable for these today if poss
          Still awaiting a number of responses to queries.  Deferred to next week.
          List of proposed panels checked.  Recommendations made for transferring some to breakouts (far more panels than we have slots for). 
      4. Lightning talks
        Don't forget last year's attendees suggested more time for these in 2016
      5. Posters
      6. Unconference
      7. WG/IGs

    3. Waffle Board here
    4. Any other business?
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