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  • 2016-07-26 Program Committee
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  • Steven Anderson(Boston Public Library; Host Committee liaison) 
  • Eben English (Boston Public Library; Host Committee liaison) 
  • Karen Estlund (Penn State) 
  • Erin Fahy (Stanford) apologies
  • Richard Green (Hull; Steering Group liaison and admin)
  • Sheila Rabun (Oregon)
  • Jocelyn Triplett (Virginia) apologies
  • Jim Tuttle (Duke) 

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  1.  Welcome

  2. Next call:  02 August 2016 - 08:30 west coast, 11:30 east coast, 16:30 UK

  3. Additions/changes to agenda

  4. Updates
    1. Sessionizer
    2. Rooming
      1. Any info yet on when we need to finish in the rooms (is a 17:30 finish acceptable for the workshops?)
        1730 is OK - this incurs a small ("insignificant") extra charge 
    3. Scholarships
      7 applicants.  Committee looking to finalize offers tomorrow. 
    4. Booking
      1. 79 at 16:05 UK.  More publicity with workshops announcements soon.
      2. Do we know how hotel bookings are progressing?
    5. Program. 
  5. Vertical threads: Managers, Devs, Metadata, Sysops, Newbies, All.
    1. Outline timetable grids now at
    2. What are we going to provide by way of
      1. Workshops - this is the most urgent of the group
        1. Finalize workshop timetable for publication
          1. Is this a coherent offering?
            Yes. Publish it and send conformations to presenters (Done - announcement at the weekend).
          2. What about the empty slots?
            1. ? #86 DevOps Group Therapy as a 90minute w/shop
              Defer a decision on this - leave the slot empty for now. 
        2. Orientation sessions
          Status:  in hand (Mark and Richard)
          1. 35000' overview of Hydra - community and technical
          2. Demos of 3/4 contrasting Hydra heads
          3. (Very) Basic introduction to linked data and related concepts in Hydra
          4. Hydra at your institution/Getting involved with the community
        3. Continuity and repeat sessions - see Mark Bussey's email forwarded to the list by Richard on 7/18
          1. Should we repeat some Monday material on Wednesday or Thursday?
            Possibly - need to discuss this in a later call 
      2. Plenaries
        1. Need to decide what goes here and get speakers
        2. Steering are expecting an email about how best to deal with their hoped-for input
        3. Need to discuss urgently the Mexico presentation - below from Tom

          Alberto is fluent in English, and while I’ve never seen him formally present, he is a veteran of the US and international digital humanities crowds, and very familiar with presentations in the academic community. 

           Might this make an interesting plenary address?  

          Yes, I think it would be. I suspect Alberto would be amenable to tailoring it to a plenary context as well. In my view, this might mean less of a Collegio de Mexico story, and more emphasis on some of the opportunities Hydra has for bringing on board Latin American sites, adoption challenges for a non-English-language institution, and also what the national repository landscape and requirements are like in Mexico. 

          Ask Alberto if he would do a 20 minute + questions plenary along the lines suggested by Tom. (Done) 

      3. Parallel presentations (and panels)
        1. Need to get a draft timetable for these today if poss
      4. Lightning talks
        Don't forget last year's attendees suggested more time for these in 2016
      5. Posters
      6. Unconference
      7. WG/IGs

    3. Waffle Board here
    4. Any other business?


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