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  • 2016-07-05 Program Committee
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  1.  Welcome

  2. Next call:  12 July 2016 - 08:30 west coast, 11:30 east coast, 16:30 UK

  3. Additions/changes to agenda

  4. Updates
    1. Sessionizer
    2. Rooming
    3. Scholarships
    4. Booking
    5. Accommodating possible Mexican interest (see email to Connect list from Tom Cramer July 1st.)
      Should we put a short section on the Connect page in Spanish, offering assistance to non-English speakers if they need help with registration etc, but pointing out the conference will be conducted in English?
  5. Program. 
    1. Vertical threads: Managers, Devs, Metadata, Sysops, Newbies, All.
    2. What are we going to provide by way of
      1. Workshops
      2. Plenaries
      3. Lightning talks
      4. Posters
      5. Unconference
      6. WG/IGs
        Email soliciting booking for IG/WG slots sent July 5. 
    3. Suggestions at the moment are here: Suggestions for HC2016 program but now transferred to Waffle Board here.
      Waffle Board investigated and many preliminary decisions made.  Richard to send out appropriate emails.
      Still need to consider:
      How do these suggestions map to the threads and the number of slots in each
      Would this provide a "balanced" program?
      Are there any clear holes we need to fill?
      What do we need to do asap to fully populate a balanced set of workshops? 

  6. Any other business


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