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  • 2016-04-28 HC2016 Host Committee Meeting notes
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  • Adrienne got prices from the Sheraton, which were added to the dinner spreadsheet. Prices are prohibitive.
  • District Hall can only seat 100 for dinner, so that's out.
  • Waterworks Museum: cheapest option, but far away, and current quotes (~$80/person) are only for appetizers.

The group agreed that dinner options are not working out, costs are too high, so we will not offer a dinner as part of the ticket price/program, and will go with the reception idea instead.

  • Adrienne is willing to organize dine-arounds or dinner signups for dinner options.


  • Eben re-estimated the cost based on 290 attendees, and updated budget spreadsheet. Price is around $85/person.
  • Might be possible to get sponsors to defray some of the reception cost?
  • BPL cannot contribute $$ for this.
  • WGBH likely does not have any $$ available for this.
  • Tufts and Northeastern may have some funds – Alicia and Patrick will look into this.
  • Some tech/corporate sponsors might be available – Steering is not opposed to having sponsors for the reception.


  • With the reception, this will push the registration cost around $200. Steering is comfortable with this amount.
  • BPL will set up the Eventbrite account to handle conference registration.
  • The hotel registration link is ready to go whenever this is needed.



  • BPL folks have not gotten together to discuss this yet. Eben will set up a meeting.
  • Currently estimating about $2,500 for this, which has been added to the budget spreadsheet.


Poster Printing

  •  Patrick got quotes for poster printing from FedEx and Northeastern's campus printing shop:
    • FedEx: $12.25 per sq. ft.
      • FedEx is a block away from BPL.
    • Northeastern: $11 per sq. ft.
      • Problem of how to transport posters to BPL.
  • The printing cost will not be part of the registration, institutions will be responsible for this cost.
  • Tufts has easels available
    • Logistics of getting them to the BPL not yet evaluated.


Program Committee report

  • Program committee meetings are underway.
  • Possible facilities needs are still shaping up, but here is a preliminary look:
    • Monday
      • All day: all available rooms
    • Tuesday
      • AM: pleneary in main space
      • PM: poster sessions
    • Wednesday
    • AM: parallel tracks, all available rooms
    • PM: unconference, all available rooms
    • Thursday
    • AM: unconference, all available rooms


Action Items

  • BPL will have a meeting to determine how much signage will be needed
  • BPL will finalize budget draft
  • Northeastern, Tufts, and WGBH will explore sponsorship $$ for reception.
  • Tufts will look into obtaining easels – Update:  Tufts is able to secure 60 easels.


Next Conference Calls:

  • Thursday May 5 at 11am.
  • Thursday May 19 at 11am.