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  • 2016-03-14 HC2016 Host Committee Meeting
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  •  11:00 AM EST (GMT-5)
  •  +1 605-562-3140, access code: 998712


Discussion items


Conference costs: Talking about the costs the Steven shared from the BPL.  Comparing the costs with last year’s event.  How much should we offer per person?  How do we estimate number of attendees.  Capped at 290 so estimate  based on that.  Starch and coffee in morning.  Blank spread sheet with numbers.  Separate registration that includes dinner or not.  Prefer some food in the afternoon too.  Signage and printing at Northeastern – no cost.  


Dinner possibilities: Boston per diem is about $69.  $75 for dinner is a bit high.  How about a buffet/reception with a poster session? It would have to happen at the BPL.  A little easier for people to justify a higher registration cost than an additional fee for dinner.  How about at the hotel that we blocked rooms?  Catered affair there?


Adrienne offered to check into the Sheraton.  Or Hynes convention center?  Waterworks museum – transportation there might be an issue.  How about just rolling in the dinner and registration fee together.  How annoyed would people be with a jump in registration fee?


First couple of connects were very small, and could be at Univ. But needs are changing.  Look into costs at BPL for just a reception. 


Steve and Eben would volunteer to be on the program committee to do jointly.  Alicia can be a back-up.  Steven to send a note to Richard for program committee.


Next meeting scheduled for April 7 at 11:00.  If we want to have registration open in April or June we might want to think about an additional meeting in early April. 

Steven will meet on Friday about costs and send out info.  Adjourned.

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