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  • 2016-01-08 HC2016 Host meeting
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Time: 1 PM EST

Dial-in info: +1 513-386-0000 access code 687142#


Todos/notes (no formal notetaker, so please flesh out)

  • Determine plan for scholarships based on number of free nights provided by hotel (requires more discussion)
  • Karen: contact steering re: convening a HC2016 program committee
  • Wireless: Patrick and Steven looking into how to best to cover across BPL and NEU
  • Mark M: Will follow up w/ Mark at DCE about how HC 2015 went, any concerns or things we should plan for
  • Follow up with Richard about getting an hc2016 email alias? 
  • Plan for next meeting in February; schedule meeting with DCE earlier if possible
  • Karen to set up a doodle poll for an ongoing monthly meeting
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