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  • 2015-11-21 AMIA '15 face-to-face
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  • Steven Villereal – UVa

  • Tre Berney – Cornell

  • Michael Angeletti – Stanford

  • Dianne Dietrich – Cornell

  • Geoff Willard – Stanford

  • Karen Cariani – WGBH

  • Rebecca Fraimow – WGBH


  • Share the recent Hydra-related audiovisual projects are your institution
  • Articulate priorities going forward and work you'd like to see coming out of this group

Discussion items

10 minAV-related updates at your institution 
  • Cornell
    • new UX work on a discovery portal
      • linking together their use of Kaltura for streaming and Shared Shelf for metadata in their Blacklight enviro
    • lots of staff turnover at the moment, so in transitional moment
  • WGBH
    • working with IUB on HydraDAM2
      • biggest work there is moving to Fedora 4, what does AV preservation system look like there?
      • Indiana is using HSM, WGBH using LTO so probably won't store their masters in Fedora 4. Metadata will be stored in Fedora 4
      • currently American Archive site gets metadata served from AMS (AVPS-created tool that has to be maintained by them). Would like to have that served up by a Hydra application in the near future
      • continue to do PBCore work
        • hoping to form working group specifically related to EBUCore mappings
  • Stanford
    • developer hired to work specifically on Avalon, had been waiting on newest version release
      • looking at taking pieces of Avalon they want to use, building around Wowza as streaming media server
      • loose estimate of 6 months until putting Avalon into production
  • UVa
    • been in production with Avalon since last summer
      • currently managing AV masters submitted through Avalon with Fedora 4's federation feature
      • want to start considering RDF-based technical metadata for these objects
20 min

Hopes for future technical metadata work relating to PCDM

  • Perhaps easier to tackle at the moment that descriptive metadata
    • other descriptive metadata work going on in the Hydra community that we could ride on, in particular the MODS-XML to RDF Working Group

  • What would be a useful starting point for this group to articulate needs for technical metadata
    • What needs to be in RDF from the jump vs. what could stay in an XML document for now
    • How do we associate "technical" metadata for digital objects to physical objects?
    • There is also object modeling work to be done relating to PCDM, associating intellectual objects with the files/proxies that compromise

Action items

  • Interim follow-ups and scheduling a late-January call
  • Review PCDM models and think about how proxies/child objects play out for your AV masters
  • Think on MediaInfo reports and articulate use cases for what information you most need represented in RDF