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  • 2015 Hydra Power Steering Participants nominations
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Participation in the Hydra Power Steering 2015 -- Cohesion meeting will be capped at 24-30 community leaders, drawing on Partners from across the HydraSphere (12-15 per track). This is to keep the meeting at a manageable size, to provide sufficient input, to enroll potential IG/WG group leaders and participants, and to keep with the Hydra Community framework.

If you would like to participate or see a particular leader in the community participate in Power Steering this year, please make a nomination by adding an individual's name to the list below by Thursday, February 26. The Hydra Steering Group will issue invitations to participants from among the Partners based on individual expertise, establishing diverse representation, engagement in Hydra IG & WGs, and willingness to take follow on action. (Also, keep in mind that the Hydra Developers congress will be happening in parallel to Power Steering, following in the wake of LDCX 2015. This will give us three parallel tracks of Hydra developer activity, with an approximate 50-60 HydraNauts in attendance in aggregate.)

2015 Hydra Power Steering Nominees

  • Mark Bussey (Steering)
  • Tom Cramer (Steering)
  • Jon Dunn (Steering)
  • Mike Giarlo (Steering)
  • Richard Green (Steering)
  • Jonathan Markow (Steering)
  • Robin Ruggaber (Steering)
  • Bess Sadler (Steering) 
  • Karen Estlund, University of Oregon
  • Linda Newman, University of Cincinnati
  • Karen Cariani, WGBH
  • Declan Fleming, UCSD
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University
  • Kasper Weinkouff, The Royal Library of Denmark
  • Trey Terrell, Oregon State University
  • Jon Stroop, Princeton University
  • Rob Sanderson, Stanford University
  • Chip German, University of Virginia
  • Hannah Frost, Stanford University
  • Lynette Rayle, Cornell University
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