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Peter Binkley
Mark Bussey (Conference host) (apologies)
Matt Critchlow
Karen Estlund
Erin Fahy  (apologies)
Richard Green (Admin assistant)
Anna Headley


Schedule (for info)

  • w/b 1st June: Web page and booking announced
  • (8-11 June: Open Repositories 2015)
  • 1 July:  Outline schedule announced following call on 30 June
  • w/b 3rd August:  Detailed program announced
  • 21-24 September:  HC2015



  1. Housekeeping
    1. Facilitator and notetaker for this call
    2. Additional agenda items?

  2. Organizational matters just for info:
    1. Ticket price (including t-shirt) - fixed at $100
    2. Dinner (separate cost this year, but see poster reception included)
    3. Hotel arrangements
    4. Social events 
      1. Poster reception
      2. Conference dinner
      3. Other...
    5. Public page under construction here
    6. Room availability for reference:  HC2015 Conference Rooms.xlsx
    7. FYI - Last year's post conference survey results

  3. Structure of conference 
    1. Theme? No theme? Mold the theme to the offerings?
    2.  Any or all of...
      1. Workshops
      2. Conference welcome (by?)
      3. Plenaries
      4. New Hydranaut introductions
      5. Interest Group and Working Group reports (inc. Steering?)
      6. Breakouts
      7. Poster session
      8. Unconference sessions
      9. Interest and Working group meetings
      10. Other working sessions
      11. Other?
    3. 2014 program for reference is here
    4. How best to build the 2015 program - HC2015 Draft program

  4. Community ideas for content - page at  HC2015 suggestions for the program

  5. Committee members' own ideas for content
    1. Hydra 9 / Fedora 4 related.  These might be separate, be a workshop, form a strand?  Non-technical for managers.
      1. Fedora 4 + Hydra 9:  What's it about, what do I get from it?
      2. Linked data
      3. What does the process of upgrading involve?
    2. Portland Common Data Model - what is it, should I use it, how would I convert existing objects to it?
    3. Allies workshop
    4. Metadata Working Group Reports
      1. Technical Metadata Baseline
      2. Rights Metadata (descriptive) and Access Rights
      3. Descriptive Metadata User Survey Results
      4. Applied Linked Data Group (I think they are already filling the board with suggestions)
      5. Structural Metadata and PCDM?
  6. Specific "to-do's" before next call

  7. Plan next email(s) - when to send out
    1. Reminder about program suggestions
    2. Poster session (Last year's text here)
      1. FYI: No local printing facilities this year

  8. AOB

  9. Next call- 16 June 8.00am PT, 11.00am ET, 4.00pm UK


(Names for action items in Red!)

How to organize all the program ideas? 

  1. Peter will create a github repository for conference planning. (we will move into hydra later if needed)
  2. Peter will create an issue for each idea. Apply labels to issues corresponding to possible groupings or theme
    1. Audience
    2. Format
    3. grouping / theme
  3. Matt will set up a waffle board once we have a repo, will also try setting up


  • Re: themes, Peter notes that after a lot of activity in many directions the community has been pulling back together and this year's connect will be an opportunity to summarize that movement.
  • We must assign Esme to something!


Next steps:

  • We'll work through program ideas before deciding on welcomes / keynotes, other.
  • Next call will be about revising groupings and orienting ourselves to the full slate of ideas.
  • Call after next will be about deciding the essential structure.
  • No labels