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Initial discussions around the DCE Minneapolis proposal following approval by Steering Group


Taking part:

  • Mark Bussey
  • Richard Green



Look for a main hotel (also able to accommodate the conference) with a couple of others as backup; look for low room rates and a low number of guaranteed rooms.  In writing an RfP leave room for flexibility!  Universities will also be considered as a conference venue.



Plan on a conference capped at 200 (but advertise a 175 cap to allow for wiggle room).

Need a large plenary space for the main two days but may also need to be able to accommodate one or two large workshops; workshops with one two groups in the plenary space don't work well (acoustics etc)

The conference venue should have excellent wi-fi and ideally be able to provide adequate power strips in meeting rooms.



Ideally Tuesday to Friday (allowing organizers Monday to set up) in the timeframe 14 September - 9th October 2015.

Ideally open booking in time for announcement at OR2015.



Consider providing third-party events and/or guided tours on the Saturday for those people who need a Saturday night stay to get lower airfares.

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