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Meeting Notes

Meeting Recording

  1. News
    1. Welcome 2 new DCAT members!
      1. Maureen Walsh, The Ohio State University
      2. Amy Lana, University of Missouri
    2. Remaining 2011 DCAT meeting dates:
      1. October 11, 2011
      2. November 8, 2011
      3. December 13, 2011
    3. DSpace 1.8 - 1.8.0 Release Notes
      1. 1.8 features are frozen
        1. DCAT features in 1.8:
          1. half of DS-638 Enable virus checking during submission
          2. DS-749 Reordering of bitstreams
        2. DS-528 RSS feeds for iTunes U podcasting - example from Ohio State
        3. Complete list of features
      2. testathon this wk (end 9/23)
        1. Robin/Tim to give brief instructions of how to participate in the testathon
      3. final release still targeted for mid-Oct
    4. Upcoming news item on DCAT/committer collaboration
    5. DuraSpace 2011 Sponsorship Campaign: $288k with 51 sponsors so far, 17 of which are new for 2011, blog post update
    6. New DSpace Committers - Kevin Van Develde from @mire
    7. OR12 DSpace User Group Meeting Chair: Robin Rice, University of Edinburgh/EDINA
    8. Other news?
      1. anyone attend the EIFL online workshop Sept 9?
      2. anyone attend Readiness for REF (R4R) Workshop on Sept 5 in London?
      3. Dublin Core 2011, The Hague, Sept 21-23: Bram planning to put together informal DSpace user mtg together. Currently not enough response to make this happen.
  2. Update on DCAT Review
    1. Committer requested help
      1. Revised/updated metadata schema - committers have requested our input on what we want out of the box
        1. current Surveymonkey version
          1. question on namespaces/editable/non-editable DCMI schema (questions #10 thru 13)
          2. sent to committers for feedback
          3. send out to community before the end of September
          4. Current analysis: DSpace metadata vs DCMI Standards
          5. -->Val to re-write question/s and email to DCAT list for feedback
      2. DS-811 delete/withdraw items via bulk csv editing
        1. thanks for all the feedback, DCAT! This feature will be in 1.8!
    2. Update on previously reviewed items (items * were the ones discussed during the mtg)
      1. *DS587 tombstone (Sarah):discussion forum,JIRA
        1. Jose Blanco has submitted patch for both JSPUI and XMLUI
        2. Richard Rodgers was to review and tweak the patch
        3. did not make it into 1.8
      2. *DS638 virus checking/check file format (Elin):discussion forum (*+DS-638++check+files+on+input+for+viruses%2C+and+verify+file+format),JIRA
        1. virus checking is in 1.8
        2. file format checking is written and tested, but did not make it into 1.8
      3. *DS749 allow for bitstream order to be changed (Jennifer):discussion forum, JIRA
        1. in 1.8
      4. DS164 deposit interface for modifying input forms.xml (Jim): discussion forum, JIRA
        1. GSoC project - do away with item-submission.xml and input-forms.xml and instead create an Admin UI that allows repo managers reorganize the submission UI
        2. GSoC student wants to continue work on project
        3. sample screenshot wiki page
      5. DS-560 XMLUI News in config dir (Bram): discussion forum, JIRA
        1. XMLUI interface is not as useful as JSPUI for news config, Bram proposed to have a more flexible front page
        2. Do we have a DCAT consensus? If so, does it still make sense to hold a community-wide discussion for both feedback and developer resource identification?
      6. DS-456 create easy upgrade scripts (Iryna): discussion forum, JIRA
        1. no developer assigned yet
        2. propose writing scripts for the most common database/operating sys
        3. Database: PostgreSQL 264, MySQL 43, Oracle 39, Other 6
        4. Operating Sys: Linux 224, Microsoft Windows 88, UNIX 28, Solaris 22, HPUX 2
        5. Michael to attach scripts to JIRA issue that they have developed
        6. hold community-wide discussion/solicitation of other upgrade scripts already written or interested parties
  3. Meeting Attendees:

Amy Lana - University of Missouri

Bram Luyten - @mire

Elin Stangeland - Cambridge University Library

Jennifer Laherty - Indiana University

Jim Ottaviani - University of Michigan

Maureen Walsh - The Ohio State University

Sue Kunda - Oregon State University

Valorie Hollister - DuraSpace

Jonathan Markow - DuraSpace

Tim Donohue - DuraSpace

OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON OCTOBER 11, 2011 at 9:00 am Eastern/13:00 GMT  

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