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Notes from the live chat on 3 September 2008.


Work is underway to enable wholesale repository migration between platforms via OAI-ORE. The winning entry in the hackfest at Open Repositories 2008 nearly managed an entire migration between DSpace and Fedora.


Asked what the one change would be that would advance DSpace furthest toward the ideal repository system, these possibilities came up (in rough rank by interest):

  • file versioning
  • embargoes
  • eliminating the need for server restarts
  • authority control
  • API to the repository layer
  • multiple instances of DSpace run from a single codebase
  • componentization of DSpace


Bram Luyten shared this video of their DSpace embargo function: Elliot Metsger shared, and its FAQ at

A more nuanced implementation of OAI-PMH would be helpful to several chatters. There was general agreement that withdrawn and embargoed items should not export metadata via OAI-PMH. The ability to have OAI-PMH only disseminate items designated as "full-text" (or otherwise complete) was also desired.

Embargoed items should not come up in browses or searches, of course, nor should they be crawlable by search engines. However, some items can be halfway-private: metadata can be available (including via OAI-PMH), but the files should not be downloadable. Access Control Lists were raised as one potential solution.