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Welcome to the 2021 DSpace documentation sprint

The dates of the sprint will be January 18-24, 2021. During this week, the writing teams, coordinated by DCAT, will work asynchronously (and in planned, optional co-working sessions) to produce DSpace 7 documentation for repository, community and collection Administrators and Submitters. This is NOT technical documentation and your experience with previous versions of DSpace is sufficient. 

How to participate

  • Check out topics in google spreadsheet and claim your writing task/s (WRITER column). Blank documents for each topic are set up and linked from the spreadsheet.
  • Have your own documentation for the previous versions of DSpace that could be re-used for DSpace 7 user documentation? Please add a link to google spreadsheet (POSSIBLE SOURCES column). 
  • Haven't tried out DSpace 7 yet? Please spend some time looking at DSpace 7 demo.
  • Questions? Join the DCAT email list or DCAT channel on DSpace slack.

Writing suggestions

  • If you're documenting features used by a particular DSpace role (i.e. administrator, user), make sure you are logged in to an appropriate account. An admin login is available on the "Notes" tab of the planning spreadsheet, you may create your own regular user account in the demo instance.
  • Suggested template
  • Sample documentation
  • Trying to document something that does not seem to be working? Add information to our bug report.


Optional co-working sessions

Log in, explore DSpace 7, and work on documentation with peers! No need to commit for the whole length of a session, you may come and go as you please, as well as work asynchronously, at your convenience.

Register or contact the host for log in information for the session(s) you are interested in.

DateTime (UTC/host's local time zone)Registration / host (contact host if no registration link)
Tues., 19 January

10:00-11:30 UTC

Registration | Host: Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)
Tues., 19 January

14:00-16:00 UTC / 9-11am EST

Registration | Host: Gail Steinhart (Cornell University)
Wed., 20 January20:00-21:00 UTC / 3-4pm ESTRegistration | Host: Gail Steinhart (Cornell University)
Thur., 21 January14:00-15:30 UTC / 9-10:30am ESTRegistration | Host: Gail Steinhart (Cornell University)
Fri., 22 January10:00-11:30 UTCRegistration | Host: Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)

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