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Damaris Murry, Jing Wang



  • facilitate the discovery of research activities
  • facilitate the CV generation to include research projects
  • align VIVO ontology with CERIF1.6 and CASRAI

Next steps:

  • considering what is most valuable for research discovery, realizing that the full scope of information for research administration may be more complicated to represent and more difficult to obtain as data


Class Definition (and associated metadata):

  • Grant: receiving relationship between funding agency and grant receiver (vivo-isf ontology v.1.6)
  • project: is defined as a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.  Projects can be further defined as temporary rather than permanent social systems or work systems that are constituted by teams within or across organizations to accomplish particular tasks under time constraints. (source:   In CERIF1.6, cfProject include:
    •  attributes such as cfProjectTitle, cfProjectAbstract, cfProjectKeywords,  cfProject_Classification, cfProject_Indicator, cfProject_Measurement
    •  relationships: cfProject_ResultPatent, cfProject_ResultProduct, cfProject_ResultPublication, cfProject_PrizeAward, cfProject_Event, cfProject_Facility, cfProject_Equipment, cfProject_Medium 
    • cfProject_Project, cfProject_Person,  cfProject_OrganisationUnit, cfProject_Funding
  • fund:
  • sponsor:


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  • model multi-year funding and multi-year projects
    • track mini grants -- can these be grouped into multi-year projects just as grants can be?
  • link grants to publications (or other output) - how to deal with project funded by multiple grants?
  • show grant dollar amounts on CV -- what level of granularity?
  • handle non-disclosure grants -- store sponsor metadata for reporting without displaying the sponsor



  • data dictionary attached
  • identifies five "award mechanisms" – grant, formula grant, contract, cooperative agreement, or intramural project


 cfProject include:

  • attributes such as cfProjectTitle, cfProjectAbstract, cfProjectKeywords,  cfProject_Classification, cfProject_Indicator, cfProject_Measurement
  • relationships: cfProject_ResultPatent, cfProject_ResultProduct, cfProject_ResultPublication, cfProject_PrizeAward, cfProject_Event, cfProject_Facility, cfProject_Equipment, cfProject_Medium 
  • cfProject_Project, cfProject_Person,  cfProject_OrganisationUnit, cfProject_Funding

Casrai Research Personnel Profile model

Casrai Research Activity Profile model

Previous work:

  • Stella's work through Scripps to represent the additional nuances of NIH grants, including long-term grants that have annual renewals showing up as sub-grants.
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