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Development interest group

  • Primary development activity has been focused on i18n
    • Second i18n sprint completed last week
    • Next i18n sprint - June 15 - 19 ...would be fantastic to have participation from Leadership institutions
  • Other ongoing initiatives
    • Simplifying installation process
    • Vitro/VIVO messaging framework
  • Several VIVO conference proposals coming out of technical team, including
    • i18n update
    • Technical priorities introduction

Ontology interest group

  • Discussion on internationalization of the ontology.  This is quite straightforward.  Labels and annotations are easily extracted via query to a spreadsheet.  Translations can be from any language to any other.  Resulting assertions are easily added back to enrich the ontology.  This will be presented at the conference.
  • We have a working understanding of the representation of academic degrees, awards, certifications, and licenses based on conversations with Mathais Brochhausen.
  • AEON, the Academic Event Ontology, and ORG, an ontology for organizations, with data from ROR are under active development.

Membership and community engagement interest group

  • Membership renewal invoices have been sent out. We are monitoring responses, reporting back to the group with any changes, reaching out to members who wish to cancel or downgrade.
  • Some cancellations and downgrades are likely due to COVID-19 related budget cuts so we are discussing possible budget mitigation scenarios.
  • We are setting up a membership outreach webinar to meet with members, provide updates, and pitch for membership renewals.

VIVO Scholar task force

  • The VSTF is planning to release a beta version of VIVO Scholar during the first week in June. The VIVO Scholar beta is a minimally-viable version that the VSTF is making available for the community to explore. New functionality will be added by the VIVO Scholar Task Force in the coming months. 
  • VIVO Scholar is an optional add-on to your existing VIVO stack. VIVO Scholar does not replace the current VIVO stack; it’s a lightweight, responsive, customizable display with enhanced search features.
  • VIVO Scholar requires a VIVO implementation and Scholars Discovery, the middleware that consumes VIVO data and makes it available for display in a front-end and in API endpoints.
  • The VIVO Scholar Task Force invites the community to download VIVO Scholar and try loading the test data set. We are looking for contributors to help us add functionality and improve VIVO Scholar to create a final version. 

Strategic communication task force

  • The Strategic Communication Task Force will share the Strategic Communication Plan with the Leadership Group in the 5/26 meeting. 
  • The SCTF has been working on a proposal (mockup) for minimum changes on the VIVO web ( to show it a little renewed and with some updated content. 
  • Beginning in June, the task force will  transition to an interest group.

Internationalization task force


VIVO conference task force

  • EUROCris has agreed to organize a session for the conference.
  • Registration (75 with 3 weeks to go) and 36 submissions (now closed and in review) not including keynote.  EuroCRIS session is 2.5 hours.  32 international registrants so far.
  • Sponsorship is open.  See the website.  Please consider sponsoring the conference.

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