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The 2019 VIVO Conference will be in Podgorica, Montenegro, September 4-6, 2019.  Announcement here:

  1. The conference committee is meeting every two weeks (or as required) on Wednesdays at 10 EST.
  2. Currently the TF is working on the website:
  3. We have a keynote speaker, Herbert Van de Sompel, and two invited speakers: Anastasia Dimou and Sarven Capadisli. 
  4. Registration is open and we encourage you to register with the early bird rates:
  5. The VIVO 2019 Call for Proposals is now open and we encourage you to share widely within your communities:
  6. We've received interest or commitments from three sponsors so far and will be working with Michele to consider additional sponsors in Europe. 

Task Forces

  1. Membership Task Force: David Wilcox has joined the group to help devise new solutions for increasing VIVO memberships.
  2. Development meets weekly to discuss and work on VIVO issues. Andrew Woods  organizes.
  3. Research Intelligence Task Force:  Group is forming in early 2019. Contact Tom Cramer for more information.
  4. Ontology Interest Group:  Group is meeting every two weeks, led by Mike Conlon.  Current work in two areas: 1) identifiers and attributes of identifiers such as ORCiD, DOI, GRID, ISSN; 2) languages, language skills, and languages of scholarly works.
  5. Internationalization Task Force:  Group is meeting every two weeks, led by Kitio Fofackof University of Quebec at Montreal.
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