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The sprint schedule below has been approved by VIVO Leadership Group.  Please plan to participate!

  • March 18-29
  • June 17-28
  • October 14- November 1
  • December 2-13



  1. Complete externalization of Solr and ElasticSearch
  2. Build VIVO 1.10 Docker image
  3. Build/Reuse Solr Docker image
  4. Build/Reuse Elasticsearch Docker image
  5. Build/Reuse MariaDB Docker image
  6. Document deployment / installation instructions for Dockerized VIVO
    1. Including local customizations (third-tier)
  7. Document development process in the Docker context



  1. Enable connection of decoupled, read-only "profiles" user interface to VIVO
    1. Leverage "Product Evolution" efforts
  2. Define "shapes" of VIVO entities
  3. Dockerize appropriate components


  1. Experience or interest in the Product Evolution effort
  2. Experience or interest in UI / UX
  3. Experience or interest in DocumentModifier or core VIVO functionality for populating external indexes



  1. Create ingest workflow tooling
    1. Use VIVO entity "shapes" defined in sprint-2019-06
    2. Include validation of ingested entities
    3. Allow for ingest of JSON entities (tooling to map JSON to RDF)
    4. Include optional curation step (disambiguation, reconciliation of entities)


  1. Experience or interest in SHACL / ShEx (RDF validation)
  2. JSON-Schema (mapping well-formed JSON into RDF)
  3. Ingest / Curation workflows



  1. Based on results of first three sprints
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